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Than for tourists interesting mosque Suleymania in Istanbul? How to get here? Which hours you can get into the milean hall? What is the dress code? What elements of the decoration and architecture need to be viewed first? Where to look for the graves of Sultan Suleiman and his beloved Cherrem-Sultan (Rocksolanes)? Read the answers in our article.

As of June 2021, the Suleyman’s Mosque is already open to visitors and those who want to pray. The mosque was closed on March 16 due to coronavirus, but from May 29 opened again. Do not forget about the rules of COVID security, which read the article on the link above.

Brief description of the sights

Suleimania Mosque built in 1550-1557 for the Great Sultan Suleiman I Great. For the mosque was chosen the third of the seven hills above the Golden Horn Bay. Suleymannia became the biggest mosque in Istanbul, not counting the Cathedral of Hagia Sophia, which Turks redesigned in the mosque.

Suleyman’s mosque is now open to visiting tourists-nonmusulmans almost completely. Only in the melon hall there are restrictions – you can only be located in the guest area, to Mihrabu, the wall of Kaaba, Minbar and the zone for the prayers of the Sultan can not pass.

Suleymanship is famous interesting architectural solutions. The main columns (elephant feet) here are heated in the walls, the abundance of windows and stained glass creates unprecedented for Ottoman mosques lighting.

Next to the main building are two mausoleum. In the first, the famous Sultan Suleiman I is gorgeous, his relatives and two more Ottoman Sultan. In the second, the beloved wife of Suleiman is of no less famous Hurrem-Sultan (Roksolana). These mausoleum are open to tourists. Fans of the series "Magnificent Century" will be delighted with.

Dress code

Dress code is valid only for the chassing hall and mausoleums. Visually dress code, see the picture below, click on the picture to enlarge.

Men should be closed legs. Women closed shoulders, elbows, knees, covered head. If you are going to Istanbul, then the mosques will see. We highly recommend taking a light scarf with you, which is very useful for adherence to the dress code. We wrote about this in the article "What to take with you to Turkey".

How to get

It’s not so simple, since the Suleyman’s Mosque is far from the metro stations. Will have to walk on foot, most importantly – know the route.

First you need to get to the metro station Istanbul, on the T1 tram line until the stop "Beyaz&# 305; T &# 8212; KAPAL&# 305;&# 231; AR&# 351;&# 305; ". Recall that the unified system of Metro Istanbul includes the usual subway, and tram lines, and even the funicular. Line and Pricing Schemes in our article "Metro Istanbul".

After leaving the tram, you will see on one of the sides of the street trading rows, followed by the Grand Bazar. If you turn the face to these rows, then you need to go left along the tram tracks.

100 meters there will be a parking lot of buses, on the right to see a big beautiful mosque – this is the mosque of Sultan Bestis. Behind the mosque will be a large square and entrance to the complex of Istanbul University.

Need to go out on the left of the entrance to the university. See the photo on the right, on the photo by the arrow indicated the direction, click on the photo to enlarge.

Next, go through this street along the collection of the University of the University. 600 meters leave the Sleymania mosque. Remember the path because back to go the same way.

If you are ready for a taxi

I don’t want to think about. Tell the driver phrase "Suleiman Mosk" (in English) or "Suleymania Kamiya" (in Turkish), he will definitely understand. The cost of the trip depends on the distance. Current tariffs, see the article "Taxi in Turkey".

Input price

In the mosque, Suleymanny even distribute guidebooks, books about Islam and other informational materials for free, and including in our.

Opening hours

Suleyman’s mosque acting, and tourist visits time depends on the schedule of Muslim prayers (Namaz).

On Friday, the sacred day of Muslims. Mosque Suleimania is closed before dinner when the mandatory group prayer passes. After lunch, it opens for tourists, but it is impossible to take pictures, because the namaz. On Friday, we do not recommend visiting.

On the rest of the week. The mosque opens with the first rays of the Sun, when morning namaz begins. With full dawn morning namaz ends. 8-30 opens for tourists and works until lunch (dining Namaz). At this time there is no magazine, you can photograph free.

It is best to come from 8-30 before the start of dining namaz. In the winter season, it starts at about 12 hours, in the summer season at about 13-14 hours. Then you can see everything and take a picture.

Before the start of dinner namaz, the milean hall is closed for tourists by 2.5 hours. Then they open until the evening. At this time, it is forbidden, literally: "Photographing praying". But since it can be praying almost everywhere, then we can count – generally forbidden to photograph.

Important moment! In the days of religious holidays, the mosques are often closed for tourists or work according to a special schedule. Schedule and description of holidays Look in our article "Holidays in Turkey".

A bit of history

At the mosque Suleymannia ancient, but not very rich history.

The mosque is laid in 1550 by order of Sultan Suleiman I Great. The project he instructed his court architect to Mimar Sinanan, for whom Suleyman’s mosque became one of the two main creations of his life. Later he built for Sultan Selim II drunkard (Son Suleiman) The second masterpiece – Selimia Mosque in Edirne.

Suleyman’s mosque was opened in 1557, although some elements have not been completed yet. Construction ended in 1558. In 1566, Sultan Suleiman died and was buried in Mausoleum in the yard of his mosque. Earlier in 1558 his beloved wife Hurrem Sultan (Roksolana) died, she also found peace in mausoleum here.

Sulimania mosque suffered during the Great Fire in 1660, was restored by Sultan Mehmed IV. During the earthquake in 1766, part of the dome collapsed, he was restored. During World War I, there was a warehouse of ammunition that caught fire.

Fully mosque Suleymannia restored only in 1956.

What to watch – exterior yard

The exterior yard has dimensions of approximately 220×150 meters. This part of the territory has no direct religious function. Here, even on holidays, picnics are arranged locals. Here are two paid toilets, the price is 1 Turkish Lira. Actual course, see the article "Money in Turkey".

Only from the territory of the outside yard can be good to consider the building of the mosque itself Suleymania. The fact is that the mosque is surrounded by buildings from all sides.

From the scenario in the northeast of the yard, excellent views of the Golden Horn Bay and the northern part of Istanbul opens. Small photo gallery of these species and yard See below, click on the photo to increase.

What to watch – Cemetery and Mausoleum

The cemetery is located in the south-east of the mosque building, right behind the wall of Kaaba. Here are two octagonal mausoleum.

The first (big) is the Mausoleum of Sultan Suleiman I Great. In addition to him, the body of Sultanov Suleiman II (the Board from 1687 to 1691) and Ahmed II (the Board from 1691 to 1695), as well as Michriman (Suleiman’s daughter) – the most powerful princess for the history of the Ottoman Empire. Dilashub Saliha (mother Sultan Suleiman) and Asia (Sultan’s sister) are buried here.

The second (small) is the Mausoleum of Hurrem Sultan (Roksolana).

Mosque Suleymania

Entrance to Mausoleum Free. At the entrance you need to remove shoes. Shoes need to be left at the entrance.

In Mausoleum, pay attention not only to the coffins, but also to the interior. From the inside of the mausoleum laid out bright tiles from the isp, the stained glass windows are very beautiful. In the Big Mausoleum Fascinating Dome. Immediately you will not believe that these mausolings are already 450 years old.

There is a legend that a piece of black stone (Hajar al-Asvad) is built into the wall of Suleiman (Hajar al-Asvad) – sacred for Muslims from Mecca. However, it is unlikely that.

What to watch – minarets

Suleimania Mosque has four minaret. In the times of the Ottoman Empire, only Sultan had the right to build a mosque with four minarets, the princes could build a mosque with two minarets, all the rest were right only for one minaret.

Two large minarets have a height of 74 meters, the second two small – 56 meters. Total for minarets 10 balconies (sherphov), which indicates that Suleiman I is the 10th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

What to watch – courtyard

The courtyard is small – approximately 55×35 meters. In the center there is a fountain for ablutions, which is no longer used. The courtyard is surrounded by columns from marble, porphyra and granite.

Theoretically, believers may pray in the courtyard, if there is not enough space in the chapal hall. But now this does not happen, since the capacity of the hall is always enough, because modern Turks are far from religious.

Below, see a small photo gallery of the indian courtyard and minarets, click on the photo to enlarge.

What to watch – Prayer Hall

At the entrance to the milean room you need to remove shoes. It can be taken with you and put on a special shelf. If you are afraid to leave shoes unattended, take with you a package to put shoes in it, then you can wear with you.

Nemusulman tourists are allowed only to a part of the prayer hall – a special viewing area that is far from Miharab (niche for imam prayer), Kaabara walls and Minbar (departments for sermons). All these objects can be clearly seen only in magnifying devices.

The sizes of the chamber – 59×58 meters. First look up – on the main dome. Its height is 53 meters, diameter – 27.5 meters, at the time of construction in size, he only inferior to the Dome of the Cathedral of St. Sophia. The inner surface is beautifully decorated, but you can only see it with magnifying devices.

Pay attention to the abundance of windows and stained glass windows. Suleyman’s Mosque is considered one of the most well-lit natural light in the world. In the circumference of the main dome are 32 windows, and there are 138 windows here.

Like all big Ottoman mosques, the design keeps on four huge columns. But here these columns are semi-flooded in the wall. Be sure to pay attention to this architectural source.

Very beautiful Wall Kaaba and Mihrab (niche for imam prayer). They are decorated with tiles from the isp, wonderful stained glass windows and calligraphy of the first chapter of the Quran. Unfortunately, see unreal. First, Michrab is far from zone for visitors. Secondly, the top of the chandelier lights up.

Important advice

– Behind the shells where the shoes must be folded, there is a female pile zone. Men in her entry is not laid;

– If hungry, then on the road in (from) the mosque there are several inexpensive and cozy cafes. To navigate in prices and dishes, read our articles "How much money to take to Turkey" and "The best dishes of Turkish cuisine";

– On the square near the university, tourists often feed pigeons. If you want to take part, stock bread from the store. Read our article "Food prices in Turkey".

A pleasant visit to Sulimania Mosque, and read our interesting articles about Istanbul, Turks and Turkey (List of articles below).

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