Mosque Kutubia

Almost every tourist city has a special, religious, attraction. Marrakesh – no exception. Mosque Kutubia Along with the Jema Al-Fna, it is considered to be the main shrine and the symbol of the city. She has its own, special, history. Start of construction dates back to 1147, when the first ruler of the Almohad dynasty began to build a new shrine on the site of the old mosque of Ksara-El Hajara. Upon completion of all the works when Kutubia had to be brought out in all its magnificence, it turned out that the structure was focused on Mecca far from religious canons. This moment can be considered the end of the first stage of the construction of the mosque – She was destroyed by order of angry Sultan. For 15 years, in 1199, the main religious shrine was rebuilt again.

Today Kutubia Mosque towers above the city at a height of 77 meters – This is the highest mark compared to all the rest. You can notice it from afar not only at its height, but also by its excellent design. The minaret of the mosque, decorated with four gold balls, is built of shale sandstone, in the characteristic Spanish-Mauritan style, in the form of a square tower, on top of which is located a 16-meter lantern with a dome decorated with spire. All this imposes a special imprint of elegance, mysteriousness and at the same time luxury and wealth for the entire appearance of the mosque.

Mosque Kutubia Sights Marrakesh Travel Guide

Here reigns his own, unusual atmosphere of silence and tranquility. Especially acute it is felt in the courtyard located near the prayer hall. But access to tourists is not allowed there. The walls of the mosque decorated with original floral and geometric ornament, give it a special color. Luxury garden surrounding «alive» Ring Kutubia Mosque as the final barcode at the end of the image of the Magnificent Attractions Marrakesh.

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