Mosque Kutubia in Marrakesh in Morocco

Kutubia Mosque – this is the most recognizable landmark of the city of Marrakesh. Her high minaret is seen from many parts of the city. The backlight works at night, betraying a special colorful view of this building. She is interesting, first of all, with its unusual architecture and gates.

This is a fairly ancient building. Kutubia Mosque was built in the 12th century during the rule of the ruler Yakub al-Mansura.

The first distinctive feature of the Kutubia mosque is a minaret of 77 meters high and another 8 meters up the spire towers. Morocco’s law is forbidden to build a palm tree high in the vicinity of the building to preserve the magnifications of this constructure.

Pay attention to three balls on the spire. This is the traditional Magreb style of design of religious buildings, you will not see this in Egypt, nor in Turkey or in the Emirates. Three copper balls are covered with gilding from the largest bottom to the smallest on top.

So decorated Many Morocco mosques. Three balls symbolize the three main mosques of the Muslim world. This is the kaaba mosques (Mecca), Medina and Jerusalem.

Very interesting fact that the mosque was designed with a special requirement. No one should have the opportunity to watch with a minaret grief king. As it was implemented, we did not understand, but, apparently, it is so. By the way, the "Google Earth" service does not work in Morocco, which allows you to watch the photo of the Earth from the space, they say that for the same reason.

Mosque Kutubia in Marrakesh in Morocco

The name of the "Kutubia" is translated as "Bookshop". The origin of the name is disputes so far. The first basic version says that once a library was once located inside the mosque. The second point of view is suggesting that about the mosque was active trade in books and because of this mosque received this name.

It is in Kutubia Mosque who is the main prayer room in Morocco. It has 60 meters sizes 90 meters and can accommodate up to twenty thousand believers.

A garden filled with orange trees is broken around the mosque, on a bench in the shade of trees can be sitting and relax. It is pleasant even in hot weather. Unfortunately, not Muslims entering the inside is prohibited, after all, this is an existing religious institution. You can only read the mosque on the most beautiful interiors and look at the official photos.

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