Mosque Hisar

Famous Mosque Hisar, in ancient written documents is referred to as Mosidge Molla Yakup. This is the largest mosque of Izmir, which stores the history of the city in its walls. Visitors celebrate a huge sense of peace and safety sensation that appear when visiting the mosque. But above the door of this place is really inscription: "Any incoming will be saved".

The name of the mosque has a long history. When–then in this area stood the fortress of the knights, which was built in the XII century. After the seizure of the territory of Tamerlane, new ruler was used – Fortress functioned for a long time as coastal. The area was already called Hisar and after the destruction of the fortress in the middle of the XIX in. her name has passed to the new construction. Today, the Hisar mosque is also located on the top of the cliff, allegedly, on the site of the medieval church, although in some sources it is indicated that the mosque existed already in the XIV century. Nevertheless, nor the name of the architect, nor the exact date of construction is still unknown. On the other hand, according to the former director of the Izmir Museum of Hakki Gultekina, the construction date of the mosquence shows 1597–1598. And it was at that time that the mosque wore the name of his Mulla – Yakup Bay.

In any case, in its essence and construction equipment, Hisar Mosque – The oldest mosque in Keemalti. Here used marble characteristic of antiquity, dome-shaped roofs, angular columns with an interesting ornament at the top – It all looks as if it was transferred from the Roman era. However style "Rumi" – just cheating. It is obvious that all decorative elements were developed during the initial construction of the mosque, but over time we were modified. In the XIX B. The original mosque was destroyed by an earthquake of 1868. Over the southern door in the courtyard of the building there is a separate entry dedicated to the restoration of the structure.

Mosque Hisar Sights of Izmir Travel Guide

In 1878., Colonel named Ibrahim Bay collected money for the mosque. And today the facade of the building is plastered, and the inner decoration is made in the style of baroque with plant motives, which were added during the last update. When expanding the building, arches, dome-shaped spaces and columns were added, and the altar was built in Italian style. Entry of the Ambon is represented by two elegant columns. On the upper archway there is an image of a double minaret mosque (Sultane affiliation sign). Maybe this is a reminder that the greatness of the Hisar mosque is equivalent to those mosques who attended the ruling family.

Minaret mosque several times destroyed earthquakes – The last time it happened in 2003. After his reconstruction in the yard, a small fountain was installed, built in a rococo style and a marble fountain built into the wall. They additionally attract the attention of visitors. Other Keemralty Mosques have similar small forums and fountains, but Hisar’s mosque still remains the most visited.

Mosque Hisar Sights of Izmir Travel Guide

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