Mosque hala Sultan Tek

The mosque ranks fourth most among Muslim temples after the Al-Haram Temple (Mecca), the Mosque of the Prophet (Medina) and Al-Aqs Mosque (Jerusalem). Built in honor of the woman (we will tell about it below), the temple, like the architectural complex around it, is shrouded in legends, guesses and assumptions.

Attraction attracted tourists as a religious shrine of Muslims, as a temple built on the site of an ancient city, as the burial place of famous rulers and personalities in the history of Cyprus.

Some come to the temple, combining a trip with another famous place of the island – Salted Lake, which is located very close to the complex. Who "gets" to the erudite guide will not be disappointed with a visit to the mosque.

Path to the Muslim shrine (how to get)

There is a landmark in a convenient location, and it is very easy to get to it. Larnaca International Airport is built close to Soleny Lake. The airport walks route buses number 417-419, 431, 440, 446, 456. Go out at the "Larnaca Aierport" stop, then walk to go not far.

Following the car, do not deviate from the pointers on the road. You need to choose the road pointing to the airport.

Free admissions of the landmark

Visit to the church of free. You will need to spend only on a bus ticket or fuel for the machine. If you like animals, then buy them food, otherwise they will not leave you. There is a guide in the mosque, which will tell the history of the temple for free, but only in English or in Greek. There are no urns for donations here, no one asks funds for the restoration of the mosque. Very economical visit to famous sights.

Time to receive guests in the mosque

The architectural complex opens the doors to inspect all the days except Sunday, from 8:00 to 18:00. In the summer months, the complex is closed at 19:30. Only on Friday he admits guests at 8:30. There is a break: 13:00 – 15:00.

Time spent on a visit to the temple

Visiting the mosque will be short-lived, because there are no special attractions requiring detailed consideration here. For the passage throughout the architectural complex of the temple will take no more than an hour. Add time to admire the lake and its landscapes, on a photo session. If there is time and desire, you can organize a picnic near the complex.

Historical facts and legends about the temple of Hala Sultan Tek

Who is such a woman named Umm Haram? Why the mosque is erected in her honor, and the ships passed by Larnaca to the First World War gave an instrument volley and fit flags?

There are several assumptions and guesses concerning the biography of a woman in honor of which the Muslim Temple is built (for Islam is a rare case). Umm Haram was or a foster mother of the Prophet Mohammed, or his native aunt, or his wife of one of his approximate. Another version takes it into the rank of Wife Owadas Ibn-speave Samiza. He stood at the head of the invasion of Arabs to Cyprus in 649 BC.NS.

In any case, she was a lady revered and famous. Together with her husband, in the canons of Islam, went to a military campaign for the conquest of Cyprus. Random tragic death broke her stay in this world. She rolled her neck, falling from the mule. According to the laws of Islam, Muslims were buried where he died.

Buried woman was at the shore of the salt lake. The fifteen-toned stone rose on her grave (as he was generally able to erect in those days?). Suggest that it was a fragment of a meteorite. Stone is not simple: he was able to heal. For many decades, pilgrims were sent to him in anticipation of a miracle.

After the conquest of the Ottomans of Cyprus, a mausoleum is being built on the burial site. And later, in 1760, by order of Sheikha Khasan, the temple is constructed near him. The grave of Hasan was discovered in the 18th century here, on the territory of the architectural complex. Swedish archaeologists at the site of the burial Umm Haram found confirming the existence of an ancient Greek policy and a cemetery near him.

In the 18th century, the Governor of Cyprus orders to build a fountain opposite the mosque building to carry out ablution before entering it.

In 1816, the building of the Muslim Temple, which remained in this form and to the present day. It has an octagon form, one minaret. Around the construction is a garden with fountains. Creating a whole complex of Hala Sultan Tekka takes place for 18-19 centuries.

The complex of the mosque buildings is the name "Rosary of Enlightenment". Inside the mosque building from the left side of the tomb of Umm Haram. It is covered with expensive green carpets.

Rest on the territory of the complex and former sheikh, over the tombstones of which are placed white pillars. Until 1899, Turkish Island rulers burners here.

Surrounds the building garden with cypress trees, palm trees. Called him "Pasha Garden". Newlyweds come here to tie a ribbon on happiness in family life.

Near the female part of the mosque was a small well. In the distant times, Dervishi made their most intimate desire near him. By tradition, if it came true, "lucky" was supposed to stay to serve in the temple. So there were buildings for people living.

Another noble person found the last refuge here – Hussein Ben Ali’s wife (the spiritual ruler of Mecca). He was the leader of the Arabs uprising in 1916 and titled as the "King of Arabs". However, the allies recognized him only by the King of Hijaz. His wife is buried in a bunk sarcophage of marble.

Restoration of the mosque occurred in 1959. Unfortunately, after the Turkish seizure of 1974, the construction has ceased to perform their functions. In 2004, the auxiliary facilities of the complex are repaired. Muslim prayers are heard here only in large Islamic holidays: Kurban-Bayram and Uraza Bayram.

In 2010, the vandals were abused over the Muslim shrine, throwing explosives and embanking sand at the entrance to the temple.

What will surprise the mosque (what to watch)

Mosque hala Sultan Tek

The architectural complex of the mosque includes a mosque building itself, Minaret, Mausoleum, residential buildings (separately for women, separately for men). In the premises lived inhabitants of the mosque: employees, debris pilgrims.

The mosque is located in the place where the fragments of the settlement of another bronze century were found, ceramics of the Mycenaean period, finds from ivory, lotus shape scepter. And in 1978, the Treasures of gold were found from Hala Sultan Trek. All 23 objects of the treasure can be seen in Larnaca in Turkish forte.

In the building of the mosque, as is the institution, for women on the second floor, a special compartment is fenced off. Initially, women on the stairs from the street went straight into the mosque. Now this staircase is no longer. All Muslims (and men, women) come through the central entrance, then the women follow in their branch on the second floor.

On the left side of the entrance to the garden, a guest house is built only for men. It is decorated with an Arab inscription dated at the beginning of the 19th century. On the left side of another guest house, consisting of two parts: one men’s, other female. From the east side of the architectural complex of the mosque is the cemetery of the Turkish town-poraters of Larnaca and the whole island.

Walk around the garden with exotic trees for us complement the visit to the mosque.

You can go to the salt lake on the steps. In the fall of his (Salt Lake) visited Flamingo. The spectacle is beautiful and rare.

Following Muslim canons and not only (advice to tourists)

– As part of worship, it is considered to have Muslims compliance with purity. In the Middle Ages, not at the mosques built a bath. Before visiting the Muslim Mosque must be clean, tidy, well foul.

– Muslim prayer accomplishes to the temple, while there is no departure from the mosque.

– Do not forget to get up before entering the temple. This request is also contained in the tablet at the threshold.

– To the right of the entrance is a hanger with scarves for those women who forgot to grab a headdress with them.

– In the mosque do not speak loudly, no noisy.

– The territory of the complex was filtered cats. Do not forget to capture them food, going to the mosque. Do not perceive these words as a call to action. Just they are always hungry and waiting for alms from people.

– Near the shore of Alika Larnacas (Salted Lake) there are shops so that everyone can sit and admire picturesque species.

Let me acquaintance with another religion will be pleasant and informative for you.

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