Mosque almonaster

Mosque almonaster occupies the top of one of the highest hills (height above sea level – 912 m) in the vicinity of Huelva – St. Christopher. Initially, the structure was erected as an Islamic oratorio approximately in the 9th century. However, archeology found that at the base of the building there is even more ancient foundation of the Roman basilica, presumably 6th centuries. The main materials that were used in construction were brick, granite blocks and stones – Partly all this was borrowed from the previous Basilica Mosque.

After coming to these lands, Christians of the oratorio was converted to the Christian Skit. Until the 15th century, the monastery served as an additionally fortified, where residents of the surrounding villages were hidden in the event of an attack.

The mosque is lucky – It was not completely rebuilt in the best traditions of Christians, and completely retained his Arab authenticity. That is why in 1931, the Almonaster mosque was declared a national monument. Today, visitors can see the classic scheme of the Muslim temple: the courtyard and a challenge room. The feature of the courtyard is that it is partially cut into the rock, in addition, it is somewhat elongated.

Mosque Almonaster Attractions Wales Travel Guide

Since 1931, Almonaster, under its roof, unites the Catholic Church and the Cultural Center, where the issues of the interaction of Christian and Muslim cultures are being studied.

Almonaster Mosque is 100 km north of Huelva. Under the slope of Mount St. Christopher, there is a small town of Almonaster of La Real.

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