Moselle Valley (Moselle Valley)

Valley Moselle – This is the main area of ​​Luxembourg winemaking. Here they produce famous Moselle wines, mostly fastening dry wines, almost all white. The root of the Wine (Route du Vin) or a wine road that begins in Verbillig (WaserBillig) and runs along the Moselle River (Moselle River) to the south through the Grevenmacher wine-making capital and then through the picturesque villages of Wormeldange, Remich (Remich) and Schengen (Schengen).

It is worth visiting Poll-Fabaire (Poll-Fabaire) cellars in the mountain village Wormeldange, as well as larger caves Bernard Massard (Bernard-Massard) in Grehensman and St. Marina in Remikhe. All three places are open to tourists since the end of spring at the beginning of autumn. In all villages there is almost every stage of the wine process, this festival lasts from August to November.

Luxembourg winemakers not only satisfy the needs of the country in wines (and the consumption of wine here, as in France, is very large), but also take them into other countries: Belgium, Holland, Denmark, UK.

Moselle Valley (Moselle Valley)

The picturesque river Moselle, forming the southern border with Germany, has a name among locals "Wine river". From April to September of her water furridge "Princess Maria Austrian", The tourist vessel, which stops in all wine-making places, ranging from Schengen, and moves from the southernmost point of Luxembourg to Bernetstel (Bernkastel) in Germany.

To get to the Valley of Moselle, you need to go east of the capital on the E44 highway, travel time – About 30 minutes.

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