Moscow planetarium

All people love to consider the night starry sky, it fascinates and creates a sense of magic. Modern World and Science Allow not to wait for the arrival of the night, Offering look at the stars and galaxies under the arch of the planetarium. One of the largest is located in Moscow and collects a thousand visitors at its roof every day.


Moscow Planetarium began to be built in 1927., And take visitors in 1929. At the time of discovery, it was the only building in the country, demonstrating the starry sky under his dome.

The idea of ​​creating a star complex came to mind director of the institute to. Marx and F. Engels with the CEC of the USSR and the Slavnyuki Drugproof RSFSR D. Ryazanov. His idea, he put to review the Mossoveta and was able to get 250 thousand for the construction of the project. rubles.

In connection with the opening of the planetaria in Moscow The number of astronomical clubs has increased. Every year the building was updated, new halls and exhibits were added, increasingly modern devices from different countries were brought.

In 1987. In the planetarium building Began to prepare cosmonauts. And returning after studying the navigation in space, we shared their impressions and knowledge with the surrounding. Moskovsky Planetarium closed several times for reconstruction, and in 2019. celebrated his 90th anniversary.

The building is divided into 10 parts, each of them carries its unique atmosphere.

Big Star Hall

Here is presented very Big Dome in Europe, Its diameter is 25 m. Thanks to the recent generation projector – "Universal M9" – the visitors overlooks 9 thousand. shimmering stars. The projector transmits excellent accuracy and can recreate phenomena that occurred for 10 thousand. years.

The big star room works from the first day of opening planetarium and Has a rich history. Under his dome, astronomical mugs were held very often, theatrical productions were set and the experience of future astronauts were gained.

Small star hall

Is the most favorite place of small visitors, because it is allowed to visit from 4 years of age. The hall is different from other the fact that the screen It has the form of dome, And the seats are equipped with a dynamic system. Thanks to such features of the room, visitors enter the present Star Travel.

Urania Museum

The hall bears the name of Music Astronomy, which was also the daughter of Zeus himself. The room is divided into 2 parts. In the first one tells about the history of the creation of planetarium and how the Star Universe is known.
In the second part The layout of the solar system is presented and a large collection of meteoric stones. Exhibits are exhibited so that they can be viewed on each side, to read the composition and make sure of their galactic origin. The biggest meteorite that is in this room weighs 125 kg.

4D cinema

While watching a movie, the audience is completely immersed in its atmosphere, thanks to the moving chairs, emerging smoke and Quality image.

Sky Park

In this hall, visitors get acquainted with the complex of astronomical instruments, allowing to study the starry sky for many centuries. Depending on the season, visitors planetaria for overlooking Different pictures of the starry sky are available.

Big Observatory

Moscow planetarium

A telescope is installed here, which allows mass observation of stellar and galactic bodies.

Conference hall

In this room there is everything that allows you to hold international conferences.

Hall of great observatory

There are often educational classes for children, lectures for small groups.

Retro cafe

It was built so that guests can have a cup of coffee or tea while waiting between sessions of various halls.

Space Souvenir shop

The shop sells both souvenir products and various optical instruments. Each visitor can buy small parts of meteorites or books on the study of astronomy.

Moscow Planetarium Great place for family or romantic weekend. Visiting this place, people start take interest in learning Astronomy and more and more pepper in the night starry sky.

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