Moscow cyberpank

our photographer Konstantin Vihrov captured Moscow streets in the gloomy style Cyberpunk. Only instead of neon inscriptions in Japanese or English, his pictures are filled with bright signs "Products", "Draft beer" and "Coffee with you", which are easy to meet in any South Butt. At the same time, the photo look very effectively and resemble shots from David Lynch’s film or Ridley Scott. The author himself says that he wanted to display in the works of Moscow as a "dystopic megalopolis", that is, such a city of the future, where the gloomy development trends prevail. Well, he clearly succeeded.

Fantastic Four

A moment of milot. Admire how four Puppies of Alaskan Malamute run on the escalator to the music! By the way, you know that in 80% of cases of Malamuts are confused with huskies and husky, although in fact it is three different breeds of dogs. It is believed that the ancestor of Malamuts was the Arctic Wolf (check your knowledge on the theory of evolution, passing our test). Their undercoat does not miss water, so they will not freeze even after swimming in the hole. In addition, they can walk in the snow without failure – due to the fact that their paws are large and in shape resemble the bear.

Flying Worn

Photographer Xavi Bow lives in Barcelona. For many years he was interested in the question – if birds could leave the tracks in the sky during the flight, how would they look like? Modern technologies helped him get the answer to this question. And we can now look at the result.

The last five years Bow took off the flying birds to, according to his own statement, "make visible invisible". Having gathered the material, it connects a variety of frames in one, while at the end does not turn out a strange image like those that you can see in the pictures. A series of photos The author called "Ornithography".

Moscow cyberpank

Losich and company

One of the drivers in the United States captured like a loss with a young crossed the road. By the way, people are very lucky: the fact is that these animals are famous for the unpredictable character. At the sight of a person, they can both be returned and attack – how lucky. In total, there are about 1.5 million moays in the world, half of which live in Russia, and the rest live mainly in Europe and the United States. By the way, you know why a person has not yet been domesticated moose?

Sleep mind gives rise to monsters

These unusual costumes of "Ghosts of Venice" came up with Salvador Dali for Bala-Masquerade, who gave in September 1951 in Venice Millionaire Charles de Bastegi. The party has become the first grandiose event after the end of the Second World War. Invitations Guests sent out in six months so that everyone has the opportunity to prepare. In total, over 1000 people came to the ball, each of which fled the unusual outfit: there were Chinese emperors, and the queen of the night, and Cleopatra. Fashion designer Christian Dior appeared on a holiday accompanied by those "ghosts" – three-meter black and white giants.

Moscow cyberpank

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