Morocco. Secrets of the Far West

Coloric kingdom of Morocco Washed the water of the Atlantic Ocean and Sands of the Sugar Sugar Desert. Among the Arab tribes, he is called Magrit Al-Aksha. The population of the Kingdom of about 26.5 million people, among which most are Muslims.

It is worth at least once to visit the country and the desire to return to the golden sands, the picturesque mountains, the blooming gorges and the moving sandy seas will no longer leave.

Modern beach holiday can be diversified by excursions to ancient cities with a rich historical heritage: Marrakesh, Meknes, Fes and the historical part of the capital of Rabat. Among everyone, the exotic architecture of palaces and serfs, mosques and gardens is allocated – Marrakesh. This ancient city was once the capital. Marrakesh is a colorful labyrinth of trading shops, where you can buy everything that masters of traditional Moroccan crafts are manufactured.

On the main square, in the very center of the city, every evening the people entertain street dancers, acrobats, fireproofs and snake caster. Tourists will surprise and make the story famous in the whole Arab world – Aida. Very attractive and as a hypedificent and as an opportunity to deal with unique souvenirs Berber bazaars. The brides from all the districts come on their fairs, they are fully covered and only painted with a blue cipher palm tells the possible fiance that there is hiding.

Life measured and leisure. Usual hours often replace Sun and Muzzins, What are they calling for prayers from numerous mosques. Understand the marocan culture and enjoy her spirit you can just plunging into her daily life. Next to the Roman ruins and modern resorts, nomads, Bedouins and Picturesque Oasis are harmoniously.

The last living medieval city and the capital of Arab culture has been preserved here FES. A huge financial contribution to the restoration of this miracle of antiquity in the modern world has invested UNESCO.

Morocco. Secrets of the Far West

Morocco is full of mysticism and, plunging into the life of the country, and not understand where the reality, and where is the Arab fairy tale. Ruins and preserved attractions of the landmarks of Aura secrets. And the art of handmade products strengthen the feeling of unreality and fabulousness, which may even tire their abundance of travelers.

History Morocco lives in every home. In every park or palace. She tells and says, she manites and fascinates. This is the best place to Start studying Africa and come back again and again. To study the culture of Berber nationalities and to deal with unique souvenirs.

With all the magnificence wishing to travel on sugar, it must be borne in mind that The western part is minered, Armed collisions between the Moroccan government and the opposition front are also possible here.

Morocco. Secrets of the Far West

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