Morocco – This is an endless mosaic of North Africa. Not so long ago, the closed country has now opened its doors for tourists from all over the world. Tourists are waiting for the ancient Arab cities of Rabat, Marrakech, Fez and Tangier – from those times when Morocco called "Al-Magrib al-Aqsa" – Country of far west.

Morocco It has unusual natural conditions, attracts a variety and beauty of the landscape. This is due to the fact that the country is located on the junction of different natural zones: in the south – Sugar, the main part of Morocco is in subtropics; Mountains and sea – All this attracts those tourists who need not only sunny baths on the beach, but also active rest.

In Morocco, several resorts, and the most famous Agadir, located on the Atlantic coast in the Valley of Su, deserted from the desert mountains of high satin. Golden beaches, delightful and rich flora, infinite many entertainment, including walks in dunes on camels – The basis of a pleasant stay in fabulous Morocco.

We add that Morocco is washed in the north of the Waters of the Mediterranean and in the West — Atlantic Ocean. Gibraltar Strait separates Morocco from the mainland of Europe. In the east and southeast borders with Algeria, in the south — With Western Sugar. Southeast border in the Sahara desert is definitely not defined. On the north coast of Morocco are Spanish seution seutions and Melilla.

  • language: Arab
  • population: 33.2 million
  • telephone code: +212
  • currency: Moroccan dirham
  • visa:A visa-free entrance
  • traffic: Right-hand
  • National domain: MA
  • voltage: 220V
  • current frequency: 50 Hz
  • Outlet Type:Forks and sockets type C, plugs and sockets type E
  • time: 14:14 (UTC +0100)

Top cities and resorts Morocco








The best regions, cities and resorts Morocco

Morocco, hospitable country, always ready to devote to the tourist in the atmosphere of Eastern Exotic. Pearl of resort zones – Agadir will strike with snow-white beaches and developed tourist infrastructure.

The resort is located on the very coast of the Atlantic, in the picturesque valley, being surrounded by wooded mountains and hills. Sand beaches stretched for 10 kilometers. Today, it is believed that this is one of the most beautiful resorts of the country.

By the way, it is in Agadir who fly tourist charters from Russia, which will organize tour operators in the summer season.

Casablanca takes the second largest place among other Moroccan cities. This is the center of culture and economy of the country, avant-garde, modern resort, offering tourists to plunge on the luxurious boutiques and shops, visit the restaurants and cafes, sitting in the most fashionable hotels.

Of course, the center of Eastern Culture Morocco – Marrakesh. The resort is located close to the mountains. Holidaymakers will understand the entire identity of the local people: national dances, outfits, treats and decorations.

For excursions it is worth going to Meknes. The city occurs in the 11th century. For a long time, he served for kings as a residence. Sultans left a large mark in the architectural decoration of the city.

You can also look into the FES – Religious Center of Moroccan Culture. It reigns a special atmosphere, which arose due to the merger of various traditions and cultures. Arriving in the country it is impossible not to visit her capital. So half a million people live in Rabat. City of Village Tenic Streets, Parks and Multicolored Gardens.

What is interesting to see in Morocco?

Morocco Rest in Morocco, Resorts, Hotels, Reviews Travel Guide

Top sights Morocco

pillars of Hercules

Restaurant "PEPE NERO"

Medina Fez El Bali

Restaurant "DE ORIENT ET De Ailleurs"

Restaurant "Dar Moha"

Ancient Medina Tangier

Restaurant "El Morocco Club"

Restaurant "El Tangerino"

Gate Bab agnau

Market Marrakesh

Video from Morocco

How to get to Morocco?

Regular flights to Morocco from Moscow makes airline "Alitalia" (in Casablanca) with a transfer in Milan, "Brussels Airlines" (in Casablanca) with a transfer in Brussels, "Airfrance" (in Casablanca, Marakesh and Rabat) with a transfer in Paris, "Iberia" (in Marakesh) with a change in Madrid. During the summer tourist season, our tour operators also organize direct charter flights from Moscow to Agadir (flight time – 6 hours).

The flight time: The flight time of direct flight from Moscow to Agadir about 6 hours.

How comfortably move around Morocco?

Road traffic: car rental: For moving between cities, you can rent a car, but it should be borne in mind that the country’s center is a mountainous area, and if the tourist has no driving experience in the mountains, it may be quite dangerous.

Taxi: In Morocco, there are two types of taxi cars: small taxis (carry 3 people) and large taxis – usually old foreign cars. Taxis in different cities varies in colors. In small taxis, there are counters, in large – about payment it is better to agree in advance and bargain.

Buses: There are two types of buses: modern with air conditioning, pricing close to railway transport and old without any excesses, but extremely cheap.

hitch-hiking: Airports: Casablanca Mohammed Pyat Airport (Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport) – the largest airport of Morocco;
MARRAKECH MENARA AIRPORT Airport – Marrakesh International Airport.

Airlines: Atlas Blue – Low Cost Airlines flights from Marakesh;
Jet4you – budget airlines between Morocco and France;
Regional Air Lines – regional airlines in Morocco, from Morocco to France and Portugal;
Royal Air Maroc – Morocco’s national airline.

Railway: Morocco has a relatively small railway network (1907 km.). Trains in Morocco are ordinary, speed and comfortable.

Where better to stop, traveling in Morocco?

Top hotels Morocco

Climate in Morocco

Morocco — Subtropical Mediterranean country. Unlike Algeria and Tunisia, it has two marine «Facade» — Atlantic and Mediterranean. The country is most discovered for marine influences, which has a considerable impact on her climate causes it «Softening» — Reduces temperature contrasts, increases humidity.

Along the coast of the Atlantic passes the cold canary flow, which contributes to a decrease in the summer air temperatures. Concept «Cold current», Of course, conditional, since the average temperatures of the surface horizons of water in the summer usually exceed 20 °C, and in winter make up at least 16–17 °C. On the Mediterranean coast of the country, the climate is soft, subtropical, the average temperature in the summer about + 24-28 s (sometimes reaches + 30-35 s), and in winter + 10-12 s.

In summer, over the entire territory of the country is hot dry weather.

In winter, the influx of marine wet and relatively cold air, brought by cyclones from the West and North–West. Sometimes in the winter in Morocco invades the hot sea tropical air from the south, which causes big weather contrasts. For example, in Casablanca, the absolute maximum temperature in winter is 36 °C, and the absolute minimum -3 °C. With the invasion of warm sea air in winter connected frequent fogs on the coast.

As you move from the north to south, the climate is gradually changing and the number of rains — essential element of the Mediterranean climate — With the approach to sugar is noticeably reduced. In this case, the climate is becoming more and more continental, with heat (up to +37 c) in the summer and cool (up to + 5 s) in winter. And in winter and summer, the daily temperature difference can reach 20 degrees. From the west to the East, there is also a noticeable decrease in precipitation: if in the west Morocco climate marine, then in the east, pronounced continental.

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