Morocco invites you to winter holidays

Morocco – one of the best directions for winter holidays. Rest in Morocco in winter is great for traveling around the country, excursions and beach holidays. Since December, daytime temperatures holds at 20 degrees, which allows you to walk in Moroccan city comfortably and inspect the sights.

One of the most exciting travels at this time can be done in Casablanca. This dynamically developing city combines Moroccan culture and modernity. One of the most interesting sights has become Khasan II Mosque, built on the Atlantic Ocean. It has the highest minaret in the world, and the path to it indicates a laser beam. According to a study conducted by scientists from Oxford, by 2030, Casablanca will become one of the richest cities of the continent. And today the Economic Capital of the Kingdom is a great place for shopping.

Morocco invites you to winter holidays

Go to the local bazaar will be interested in any city of Morocco. Here you can meet a variety of products of local artisans. And in winter such a souvenir will be a good gift for the new year.

However, in winter in Morocco, you can not only get acquainted with the culture and sights of the country, but also relax on the beach. To do this, go to Agadir. Due to the fact that the resort is closed from the winds, and in the winter months it is good to spend time on the ocean. In winter, the entire tourist infrastructure of the Agadir is open – restaurants, nightclubs, hookahs open. Anyone who rests at this resort will find a entertainment on the shower, from water sports and golf games to a variety of shows passing in local casinos.

Morocco invites you to winter holidays

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