Morocco – Independent trip to the eastern fairy tale

My name is Leila. I am 28 years old and I am an avid traveler. Born and live in a region, which is called the "edge of green tomato" – Bashkortostan, or rather, in his capital – Ufa. I’ll tell you about my trip to Morocco – about the fairy-tale marrakech and beautiful Essuaire, about all household moments, as well as how much I went around and what I remember most.

I love to travel alone.

Well, or in a company that does not agitate my movement of type offers: "And let’s lie away today by the pool and never go anywhere" or "Do not try to try this street food, because it’s a direct way to infectation".

But when I conceived a trip to Morocco, doubted – is it worth going alone. Still, the country is unknown, with strict Muslim laws. Having spent about an hour to study the reports of other travelers, I realized that my fears are bullied. Moreover, I decided to organize a trip myself, refusing a batch tour.

Why Morocco

This country has been associated with me with the search for adventure.

In front of the eyes of Gina, magic, magicians, and the melody of Arab fairy tales rang in the ears. And also if you have seen at least one series of the Brazilian series "Clone", and he hooked you with his paints, then you will understand me. Morocco has become a number one in the list of travel.

When I drove

In early April 2019.

The main landmark in choosing the season was not feedback, but a schedule of vacation. As it turned out later, with time I did not lose. It was moderately hot, the water invigorating and clean, the beginning of the tourist season in all its glory. I love to wander around the beach strip and do not face foreheads with other vacationers.

I went alone and I was comfortable.

The only time I thought I would not give up from the accompanying, happened at the market in the city of Marrakesh. Then the local beggar came to me. In this situation, my knowledge of English was not helped – he just ignored the requests to leave me alone and continued a quiet harassment in the hope of getting at least some money.

How I got to Morocco

The destination was the resort town Agadir. It is possible to swim there, and see what.

From Agadir easy to go on excursions along the coast and other interesting places of the country. All the way from Ufa I spent on airplanes: Ufa-Moscow-Agadir. Sounds like a long and tedious event, but in fact I did not even have time to get tired. Tickets There – back cost me 32,000 rubles. Not so cheap, if you compare with batch tours to Turkey, but you have to pay for impressions.

Local currency is called Moroccan dirham, but I walked everywhere dollars. Locals prefer dollars and euros, because they know where to exchange them at a more advantageous course.

Where I lived

Housing I chose myself on several sites. Eventually stopped in Hôtel Les Omayades, who had 2 stars at that time.

The rooms are clean, updated, odorless, with shower, air conditioning and TV. Cleaning as needed.

With the hotel hesitated by mail, because many prefer to enter into a contract without intermediaries. But I was answered that the booking booking would be better, as they rewor the rating and they need good reviews. We discussed the details that I need breakfast and dinner, and the room in the view of the pool or the sea.

For 8 days at the hotel, I gave 18,000 rubles.

About food in Morocco

In addition to breakfast and dinner at the hotel, I tried all seasonal fruits. I don’t eat much. It could have done fruit and sweets for lunch.

There is a lot of cafes where you can buy local sweets – Pahlav, cookies with sesame, candy with chocolate, candy without chocolate, berries in confature and delicious Moroccan fritters. The hotel has a standard meal – continental breakfasts and European cuisine for dinner.

The best dish I tried in Morocco – lamb with potatoes, polished with a stained sauce with fried cashew nuts. It was in a local cafe, during an excursion to Essuaire. And I still seeking this recipe on the Internet.

Excursion to Marrakesh

The city for which everything was stood – Marrakesh.

I took a two-day excursion with overnight – in order to enjoy the evening walk and a nightdamar.

Marrakesh is a city from a fairy tale. Red-orange stone walls, fragrances of incense on every street, men and women in traditional robes ahead with tourists. Everyone is running somewhere, but it is necessary to run carefully – from any gateway can leave the Arabic guy on a motorcycle or a moped, who believes that to dodge the collision – this is the task of a tourist. In the city there is a resistant pellery of the scorched gasoline that does not destroy.

We started research from visiting Garden Majorel, founded the artist Jacques Majorel. The guide told that Jacques arrived in Morocco at the beginning of the 20th century and fell in love with everything he was surrounded. Enchanted by Marrakesh, he bought a land plot and for many years created a garden that was a source for inspiration by the artist.

In the Garden of Mazhorel, three main colors – Lugged red (color of the city), dark green and bright rich blue color, which was called in honor of the Creator – "Blue Mazhorel". In the garden I was struck by a variety of cacti. So many varieties of this spiny aggressive plant I have never seen. Particularly impressed by the column-like cacti, which grow up to unprecedented sizes, and as they grow more densely, more powerful, juicy.

If you don’t want to listen to a guide, you can just enjoy beauty, look for your meanings, even member in a secluded place surrounded by mysterious plants, whose names you never remember.

Park visits cost – 7 Dirham (about 600 rubles.).

After the gardens we were led in Medina.

Medina in the Arab countries of North Africa called the historic center of the city, a trading place where the ways of merchants, fraudsters and ordinary people meet.

After a brief historical excursion guide released us in free swimming for one hour. It was one of the few cases when I panicked in the process of walking. I love adventure, but always consult with Google Maps, where they are better not to walk. Immediately the cards were useless. Narrow streets, similar to another, small houses and spans between them, which are known only to local residents, smells of food cooked on coals or stones.

Initially, I thought that the Center Marrakesh was such an attraction for tourists, where people no longer live, but simply play roles, according to what they can and how can. But to meet Moroccanics, who hid the face from the sight of passersby, went from the bazaar hung on bales, there was a trade of cakes and sweets, which were preparing in the centenary boiler, and behind them there was a turn from local kids.

Night marketplace – a separate chip of all countries with "outdoor economy".

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Here you can find everything: local outfits and their imitation, Chinese consumer goods, sweets, rarity and fakes under the antique. And, of course, a lot of a lot of diverse street food. I try not to buy clothes that I will not wear, and items that will be dust on the shelves, so limited to the acquisition of spices, sweets on the road and argan oil.

Trip to Essuaire

The next city, who conquered me, Essuaire. White city with blue windows on the ocean. This is already enough to fall in love with him.

Again narrow streets and square stone dwellings, which are invisiblely attached to each other, as if the child built a city from the sand and turned out this magnificence. But the atmosphere is completely different here. It smells like freedom, fish and soling the life. Creators of their lives, sailors and surfers from around the world live here. Children here do not swear with you money, but help unload fresh seafood with countless boats, and in the evening they positive for the photo and try to practice your English.

For the night we did not remain, but before leaving they managed to smoke a hookah on the street on luxury velvet pillows. And who for the correct lifestyle – drank tightly fried coffee with the addition of nut paste and syrup. I am writing your impressions now and want to return. I want to visit Fez, Casablanca and Rabat. I hope everything is ahead.

The most vivid impression, in addition to visited cities, were unimaginable beauty sunsets.

Every day the sun went down slowly, as if she did not want to leave. It disappeared for the mountain, along the right hand from the beach strip, illuminating with my soft light small shacks, built right on the rocky slope.

Morocco - Independent trip to the eastern fairy tale

From the unpleasant moments I can note the increased attention of local men, which is peculiar to any Arab country.

In general, in the tourist area of ​​safety at the highest level. You can deal with the challenge of the law and order. Alone is better not to walk on local product markets. As the guide said at my hotel: "You will be missed for the bags and ask for something to buy".

Weather in Morocco

Happy street is very hot. Dry desert air is heavier. Lunch clock is better held at the hotel, or on the terrace of any confectionery, air-conditioned air conditioning. I went out in the bake once – went on foot to the nearest shopping center. I was easier for me to have nowhere – linen shorts on my knee and topic, but I was breathing then thoroughly.

Funny fact: Local in the heat are insulated – dress pants, jumper, long multi-layered costumes. The guide explained it to thermoregulation: the clothes support the temperature of the body, does not allow to stand and roam from the inside.

Tourists, on the contrary, reveal the parts of the body as much as possible to silently tan. Every hotel who coming in the hotel is asked with respect to relate to religion and local customs, do not walk around the city in swimsuits and translucent underwear.

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How much I spent

I evaluate the whole trip about 80,000 rubles.

Planned to spend a little less, but could not give up excursions and did the right thing. Colorit Morocco for a long time charged me with energy and productivity.

This country is suitable for inquisitive travelers who read fairy tales from the "Thousand and One Night" and are interested in Eastern culture.

My personal advice that "born" during the trip – Put in the first-aid kit Eye Moisturizing Drops. Simultaneously with a very dry climate in the country there are sand storms and sand winds. I flew into my eyes the sandbank and I grasped it before redness until I washed with tea. And ordinary tea there still needs to be worn to get.

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