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The world’s oldest educational institution, the royal palace, where they do not allow the foreign city, the old city and the new city: this time we, together with the AIRPANO team, we invite you to admire the air of the Pearl of Morocco — City of Fes.

The title of the capital Morocco in turn wore four cities. Now the status is fixed for the discount. Among other imperial cities of Morocco — Marrakesh, Meknes and Fez. Each of them, surviving the periods of attacks and falls, retained the remnants of the Great Past in the culture and architecture. Today we invite you to a virtual walk on Fez, the oldest Moroccan capital.

FES was founded by the descendant of the Prophet Mohammed — Idris Ibn Abdullah. Besav in 784 to the West of North Africa, he decided to create here his own state. So on the eastern shore of the River Fes in 789 and the city appeared, which then became the heart of the mighty state of Idrisides. The empire existed until the end of the X century, and Idris I himself in modern Morocco is revered as the founder of national statehood. True, he could not fully appreciate the greatness of the initiated transformations: at the age of 46, he died from poisoning, and the culprit of this is called the famous Baghdad Khalifa Kharuna Ar-Rashid (ironically, who had a nickname fairly). I didn’t manage to taste and the joy of paternity: the only son was born two months after his death. However, Idris II was a worthy heir and, having achieved 20 years of age, founded another city on the opposite bank of the river. This settlement received the name of the FES and became the capital of the state of the same name. Both parts of the city were combined in the XI century, and by the end of the XII century, FES was one of the largest settlements in the whole Islamic world.

The sights of Fez brightly illustrate the history and atmosphere of these legendary places. Surrounded by medieval wall Medina (the old part of the city) Fes-El Bali is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are about 9,400 streets and drills here, and this is one of the largest pedestrian zones in the world. Facades and doors of many houses have a magnificent finish. Medina is divided into areas — Weat, Sapozhnikov, Goncharov, Rowers.

Morocco Fez

The Fes-El Bali includes al-Kauine religious and educational complex — The world’s oldest permanent educational institution. His mosque, accommodating up to 20,000 believers, in the end of the Middle Ages was the largest in North Africa. On the territory of Al-Karaina also contains one of the most revered shrines of the country — The tomb of Istris II.

The second (new) Medina, Fes-Dzhdid, was founded in the XIII century of the Berber Dynasty of Maritics. It is also acquired by the fortress walls, inside of which the Jewish quarter of Mellah with Synagoga Danan, the former defensive fortress of Kasba Sherard, as well as the Royal Palace of Dar Makhzen with an area of ​​about 100 hectares. High Wall Owned Palace Ensemble has luxurious bronze gates trimmed with engraving and bronze hammers. Two courtyards are decorated with marble fountains, and the relatives of Sultan — exquisite mosaic and sculptural modeling. Built in the XVII century Palace for a long time was the main residence of the rulers of the country, and now it is closed for ordinary visitors: only high-ranking access here have access.

But it, like many other sights of Morocco, can be viewed from the air!

Morocco Fez

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