Morocco. All you need to know before traveling

Morocco – A beautiful country where almost all are sold, drivers are trying to move pedestrians, a snake can appear on the neck, a monkey on his hands and tattoos henna around the body. And for everything will have to pay.

1. Road Situation in Morocco.
The situation on the roads, especially in major cities, resembles a big noisy face. All buzz, cut the road, and pedestrians are affected. Do not go behind the wheel in Morocco, if recently got right.
Outside the city is much quieter, but beware of animals running away from the road, careless drivers who overtake on turns, cows, trying to jump out of the truck while driving.

2. There is nothing free in Morocco.
Western tourists spoiled Moroccans, which now need money. Do not be surprised if you have to pay for Photo of their donkey. They are invited to visit the tea, and then ask for money for their hospitality. On the streets are also full of children-beggars and old people. In critical situations, for example, when someone requires money for a photo, Have a couple of euros at hand.

3. Crosswalk.
The transition across the road is similar to "Hungry games". If the transition is on the green light, cars and scooters will still rush through the bands. It seems that drivers are accelerated specifically to knock down pedestrians. Need to be very careful and confidently move the road without making sharp movements. Raise your hand and ask the driver to stop and skip.

4. Bargain.
Moroccans love to bargain, so they strongly overestimate the prices of goods in their stalls. Easy to buy goods less than half the elementary price, so it is worth it. When the amount is named, you need to buy goods for it – to change your decision after winning in the auction is considered a very bad tone.

5. Cheap flights to Morocco.
Save on the trip is possible if you search Cheap flights, the number of which has been growing in recent years. From the airport Marrakesh to the center of about 15 minutes, and from the airport Agadir – For almost an hour. Taxi from the airport is quite expensive, so it is worth useing a city bus.

6. Accommodation in Morocco.
Best look for accommodation on Booking.Com. The level of numbers is not bad, although most hotels have been built 30 years ago and has not been repaired since. Errors often happen – in fact they give another number or other number of beds. In addition to ordinary hotels, There are offers of Riad – traditional houses. These are private houses, re-equipped in mini-hotels in several rooms. They are characterized by a small open courtyard with a garden in the center of the building. Breakfasts in hotels are usually very simple and consist of coffee, juice and bread with adding jam or honey. Accommodation can also be booked through AirBNB – rental of private apartments, You can find quite good suggestions, especially in big cities.

7. Currency and payment card.
The official currency of Morocco – Moroccan dirham. You can only pay the card on the station, in hotels and some restaurants. That is why cash, which can be removed in each ATM. Usually the commission is missing or very small.

eight. clothing.
Morocco – Muslim country, so women should not be too Take off even on hot days. However, there is some absurdity: on the one hand, women sunbathe on the beach in Bikini will not pour acid, and on the other hand, the elderly Moroccans in the city can throw a few unpleasant phrases due to naked knees. It is better not to provoke teasing and cover the naked parts of the body.

nine. The shops.
In big cities there are supermarkets, for example, french carfour (Crossroads). In other cities – only small shops with essential products, such as bread, cola, cigarettes and sweets.

ten. Food.
Food almost in all Restaurants Equal. The most popular dish is Tajin: vegetables with the addition of meat cooked in a clay vessel. Somewhere there is Foreign kitchen and fast food.

Morocco. All you need to know before traveling

eleven. Fraudsters in Marrakesh.
Being in Marrakesh, especially on the main Square jamea-el-vnA, beware of the deceivers: snake caster: hang snake on the neck, persuade to take a picture, require payment; Guys with monkeys: A monkey is in hand, then they want money; Women: Allegedly wanting to say hello, grab the hand, not asking the Hus Tattoo, and then require money; Pockets: get a purse from the backpack for watching the show in the crowd.

12. Language.
Morocco was a French colony, therefore, except for Arabic, almost everyone knows French. Most speak in English, but learn a few words in French and install French Offline dictionary, Because the menu in restaurants is often only in French.

13. Movement in the city.
Taxi is rather cheap – a trip after half of Marrakesh costs about 5 euros. There is no taxi Taxometers, Therefore, it is necessary to stipulate the passage in advance.
In Marrakesh is Thai Tuk Tuki, which are here for ignorance call current currents. Public transport is very cheap. Payment by cash driver. Find Schedule and Places on Google Maps, Choosing the "Public Transport" option. In most places there are no ordinary stops – just learn the stop location with the map, and then ask to stop the bus.

fourteen. Alcohol.
In Islam, alcohol is prohibited, not to buy it in a restaurant or hotel that does not prevent Moroccans to drink alcoholic drinks at home. Alcohol is available in several stores of the French carfur network (intersection).

15. Temperature.
Even the spring temperature can be very high, so do not forget to wear a headdress, apply sunscreen and drink plenty of water.

16. Sugar.
In Moroccan culture, sugar is very important and valuable. It happens that someone gives a sugar package as a gift for special cases. That is why Moroccans often consume it and add more sugar to coffee or tea than water. To avoid cramps from hyperglycemia, ask for coffee without sugar and sweeten themselves.

Morocco. All you need to know before traveling

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