Air transportation in Morocco: personal experience

Hit the decent transplant in Morocco – as many as 15 hours. Local Airport IM. Hassan 5HO like a view of modern, eaten partly from solar energy, there is an hourly aeroexpress to the city, but very few flights – about 13 a day, while they manage to delay them.

Many docking passengers have a similar problem – to wait 5-26 hours of docking inside the transit zone, it turned out that the citizens of the our Federation were released on the street without problems. But many African citizens hang inside a small terminal for a long time. I decided that in the day I can see something in this city.

Fez Airport (Morocco) – no complaints

Once in the terminal, I answered the border guard at the entrance, which arrived from Russia, after which he sent me to one of the queues where the locals were exclusively. It, in fact, was for the better, since this queue was moving faster than others, and did not pass five minutes, as my passport was stuck, the immigration card filled with me fill in the plane in half and ordered to step with God.

Morocco air travel personal experience

I can’t say anything to say about the airport of Fesa, although I met on the Internet, its non-extended characteristics; In particular, one of the travelers there was greatly calculated during currency exchange. I myself changed money at the airport, and remained quite satisfied – as the arrival hall contains at least three exchanger, perhaps I was just lucky or, on the contrary, was not lucky to a tourist colleague.

In addition, at the airport there is a bureau of tourist information, where they can help and the word, and the case – will give, for example, a good advice or will be confronted with the choice of hotel. Moroccanic girls speak very well in English, so there will be no problems with communication. In general, the airport building seemed to me not very big and not too cozy, but everything you need, there is there, but what to demand more?

Morocco air travel personal experience

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