Morocco – 6 impressions

I finally found out where my favorite drink is the birthplace of my beloved drink – green tea with mint! This is Morocco! I do not know how you, and I would go to this country only in order to catch it with this fragrant mixture, since in recent times this tea has disappeared from sale, in connection with which the consumer "breaking" attacked me.

Undoubtedly, Morocco attracts not only tea. Therefore, instead of a sightseeing review, I offer you a small list than this country is special, and what to expect the uninitiated tourist newcomer from it.

Interest number 1. Here it seems to you that Morocco is the state of the third world, where civilization is present selectively. Meanwhile, one of the main streets of Marrakesh is named after designer Iva Saint-Laurent. And this suggests that this is an advanced country.

Interest number 2. In the famous Botanical Garden, Marrakesh is growing cactus height 15. meters. This is really the biggest spiny in the world.

Interesting number 3. When you walk on the main square of Marrakesh Jamea-El Fna, Bang both. At local cable spellcasters there is a proven money making method – it is imperceptible to throw a snake on the shoulder to the shoulder and remove the reward only for remuneration. And just be in this place careful. Despite the fact that the name of this place is translated as "the area of ​​the Dead", life is boil there around the clock.

Morocco - 6 impressions

Interest number 4. In the largest northern port of Es-Suwira offer advanced excursions – fishing in the open ocean. All that caught – yours. You can’t catch anything – you will stay without food. But these sailors are joking so. In the price of the excursion, not only lunch with the freshest seafood, but also wine.

Interest number 5. Be careful while walking. Even if you have a map, get lost very easily. The thing is that the names of the same streets can be written in English, Arabic and French in free. It remains only to rely on its ability to navigate the terrain.

Interesting number 6. Versatility. Morocco is the country of everything. This is a paradise for surfers and for lazy beachfronts, for fans of exotic and for fans of the mountain skiing. But, perhaps, Morocco’s biggest dick and "chip" is that this country is reminders a picture from "1000 and one night".

Morocco - 6 impressions

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