Moroccan open-air kitchen

To the country of contrasts, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea with a stunning view of Mount Jabel Pubcale, coming annually with excursions of thousands of tourists. From all over the world, geological expeditions, tourist groups, camp are going to Morocco. In such a journey it is useful to rent a field kitchen. To make a tight to meet the national traditions of the kitchen, it is not necessary to visit dear restaurants and cafeteria.

Exotic menu for field kitchen

Moroccan open-air kitchen

Portable kitchen device designed for 130 people. There are cooking boilers, oven. The adaptation itself uses nozzle diesel fuel, firewood and coal. Culinary delicacies Morocco combine African, Spanish, French and Arabic cuisines. Cosmopolitan diversity will allow you to cook the appetizing menu:

Second dishes will not cost without seasonings, like cardamom, saffron, ginger. Will help to reveal the Smak Fish Fillet "Charmula" or meat pies field kitchen KP-130. Functional device will replace home cooking, baking and quenching. With it, it is so easily revealed by a harmonious combination of Eastern hospitality and Arabic flavor. It is in Morocco that time is the time to try the legendary Couscous from the semolina, the young lamb, soups from legumes. Portable kitchen can cook everything: brew national mint tea, quench day hunger, cook porridge and so on. The end of the meal can be completed with fruit salad from dates, oranges, pomegranates or figs.

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