Moroccan fairy tales

– Yes, there is no way, the images of the king are pursuing you not by his order, – Laughs Ossema Reconciliation Owner. In Marrakesh, he already has his own business, a three-room apartment and quite recently – Italian wife. – This is the desire of the Moroccan people. I am not kidding.
– or manipulation of your media.
– They are not here. We really love him. First, he is better than his father. Hassan second, maybe loved Moroccans, but only on his royal way. I built prisons for them in the deserts, introduced an active surveillance, sent out of the country, but the palaces you liked it in Europe … For seventeen years, Mohammed Sixth built Morocco again, freed the forty thousand prisoners, got rid of paternal debts.

Country and though with the new ruler joined the new century. In all senses. Mohammed Sixti climbed the throne in 1999. Today Morocco fully television, and the Internet is cheaper than any product basket. At the same time in this Moroccan basket there is absolutely everything. Giant "Marjans" – supermarkets in which you can find a thousand and one bottle of alcohol, are located in all major cities. And it is in a Muslim country.

Cold beer is kept in the Osama’s apartment in the refrigerator, and on satellite channels without advertising there are films in English. We sit in the living room, which in Moroccan homes more reminds Salon. Half the room took hard sofas with a characteristic ornament and patterns, exactly the same armor, the other – the oak table. Especially do not relax. But nowhere is the portrait of the king. You can easily eat while you do not look at you.

– Today we have pasta with pork, – solemnly makes a huge pot of food New Mistress House Veronica.
– We are in your mind?! And you?!
– Calm down, pork in Muslim Morocco is sold calm. There are even whole shops dedicated to her. Devil’s shops.
– because sin?
-No, meat is more expensive, – Veronica sighs. – Osaama, today you wash the dishes!
– Yes captain! – Osma already imposes a portion of appetizing sin and sends the first spoon to his mouth. – Mmm … Belissimo!

King Morocco allowed the people in his country and drink everything. Only not posted. Still, Mohammed Sixth is a religious leader of Muslim Sunnitov, which means that some decency should be.

-Therno, probably be both the king of the country and the moral landmark.

– Yes, I do not envy him, – by going the second portion, compassionates the Osma. – Every day it goes with checks around the country, stops in his palaces. Only in marriakesh their two. When the king arrives to us, the whole city works like a clock. Each traffic controllers, road marking on the road glows, the police everywhere, the fountains work, buses walk on schedule. And this is not a miracle, this is our life.

Rules of life Moroccan wives

– Let’s better in Moroccan, not in Russia, – Instead of greetings, I say Elena and, without giving us a sense, kisses in both chems.
– Well? It is interesting to look at Moroccan wives? Listen to a heartbreaking story about children and the best years of life? Then get ready to disappoint. Where it will be more convenient for you in the park or cafe?

Elena Khwalova for five in Moroccan lived years feels in Marrakesh as at home. With her future fiance she met a student. For seven years, they have a relationship with experience. Moroccan husband studied at a medical university according to a special program (the government pays young personnel education of our country), and then took out Elena to his homeland as the most expensive soul and heart souvenir. Now they have everything as it should be: Apartment, Pharmacy and Two our-Moroccan children.

– mainly sitting at home?
– Is that on weekends. I have my own information agency for the our community Morocco, which not only writes, but also creates the news itself. We organize domestic events, for example, the seventh finally will arrange a normal Christmas here. Come. Also, I have my own business that helps make a business to another. I establish trading ties between Morocco and CIS countries, a self-confident speech is perfectly complemented by the image of Arab business: a fashionable terracotta coat, fastened onto all buttons, a dimensional bag and a scarker. Only on the neck. Elena, like many our wives, categorically refused to accept Islam. After all, the Koran does not forbid to take in the wives of Christian and Judeek. But if a man of another faith decides to marry Muslim, he will have to accept Islam.

– Yes, I saw it. I didn’t ask how our guys found their love in Africa, but now they have taken root in it. There are truly offended and offended here. In 2006, our Parliament adopted the legislation in which the divorces are becoming not ordinary, but obviously not deadly. Children stay with mother. Woman gets a guide, can get a job.

– The problem of many failed "Moroccan wives" – they do not want anything. Do not know how to play for someone else’s rules, – Elena grins and cleverly paints the whole pulp. In Morocco, baking the most chased cheap product. The people are always enough, and bread, and spectacles.
– First, here you need to eat hands, – almost a lecture program begins. Crude bread Elena deftly seed with her breakfast. Only hand skill and no magic.
– Secondly, in Morocco, husband – chapter. On people. And when they leave, command the parade you. If it does not agree – Cry. Men do not endure this, the internship is ready to agree and solve all your problems. By the way, they like all our women. And the fact that for them the family is the most important thing in life. No matter how it is provided and rich, all things will wait until he documens with his family.

– And what disadvantages?
– Yes, it is just a flaw. After all, the family is not limited to. High influence of clan. And if it is too traditional and poorly educated, your husband will configure against you. For example, it will be forced to wear a handkerchief. And then you only have to obey. But I’m lucky. My husband has parents French teachers. We understand each other in French even better than with my our.
– And in what language you are talking to children?
– at home we communicate exclusively in our.
– Now it is clear who is the owner there.

Elena laughs. But, remembering his own rules, immediately justifies:
– We started our relationship in our, so it makes no sense to change something now. Changes in Morocco only the feeling of heat and cold. Here you can see, recently arrived. Walk in winter in some shirts, and I even at home with a heater is mourn.
– And besides this, Moroccanics differ from us?
– manner. No educated girl will not go after six evenings with a young man sitting in a cafe. Indecent.
– And how young people build relationships? Woven in the old man?
– Oh, well, what are you, from the forest? They hide. Communicate with big companies, and then marry and married thirty years, having received education. And then, please, here’s you and familiarity with your parents, here is a luxurious wedding with five dresses and hundreds of relatives. Nobody hurry in Morocco. And so we all have time.

Dark people

– On these mountains, in addition to local livelihood, there can also be only donkey yes tourists. Take a picture of this picturesque break! – Quietly spends a tour of the Owric Valley Yosef.

We stick to a sheer cliff as snails, and no one has strength and desire to look down. And especially photograph. Behind us gulf front – stone path among the gorges and mountains. Better in Aul than in hell. We are submracting above.

– every day Berbers (The indigenous people of Morocco – approx. Author) go down to the mountain river to replenish their water reserves. Only thanks to her on these mountains and life.

He calls a small Berber village thoroughly hidden from robbers in almost impassive terrain. Only it is not clear one thing to hide. Houses from clay, limestone and hay hide more on the sandy castle, which is about to wash the wave. Streets built on each other, as if they wanted to turn them into the Egyptian pyramid. And turned into an anthill.

– When clay blurs water (five years), we have to lay it again. But due to the natural naturalness of materials and our age-old wisdom in the summer in the deurika is not hot, and in winter it is not cold. Let’s go, I will show my home.

Moroccan fairy tales

Yosef is not at all the owner of local possessions and not an ordinary guide, entertaining tourists. He is the President of the International Organization of AIESEC and the owner of two diplomas at once with higher education. And he is Berber.

– I thought Berbers are traded in distant villages as reservations, the former owners of African lands. That they are afraid of enlightenment of light, and therefore there are centuries in the dark on the rigid rules of Sharia.
– Yes, yes, light turn on, please, asks Yosef.

We enter the clay house, in which electricity, Berber coin and heat is suddenly.

– He said: "Built with the mind"! – Yosef smiles, then rises to the second floor and shouts something.
– What he says? – We are trying his friend Arab Hamz.
– How do I know, it’s Berber. And, for your note, in Morocco after the end of the Western expansion, none of the nations oppress anyone. Berbers Along with Arabs receive higher education and engage in business. Just not everyone loves the city, someone is more comfortable to live in the villages with her family. By the way, once Marrakesh was the same village.

Yosef returns to the hotels: on the tray you only cool the baked cakes, put fresh butter, honey and sweet Moroccan tea. He immediately raises the kettle high in the air and fills ten glasses, giving a tea trickle to ride with oxygen and cool. And Hamza includes TV.

– Are there any other questions?
– And what do women do in the villages?
– Yes, like you. Follow the cattle, order, children. Help the garden, cook lunch, in their free time watching TV and tkut carpets. All that under the legs – handmade. Won that blue carpet with a wool of seven-step camel. Turn it, he is soft like Pyryshko.

– Yeah, touches and take off, – Hamza laughs.
– But you have the walls of the house are generally devoid of all the finishes. Could in extreme cases hang wonder carpets on them. In Russia, this is a normal practice. Now you teach.

Arabs-Berbers laugh, not forgetting to bite hot cakes and apply oil in them. It is also the most natural. Milka cow publishes welcoming sounds somewhere nearby.

– And in the deserts you do?

– Oh, well, now we have a golden in general, – continues Yosef. – In order for Western sugar to be listed by our territory not only on Morocco maps, but also for the whole world, the king made a duty-free zone from her. And the people are flowing there like water. And where is the water, there and ..

Were filled with plenty of Berber hospitality, we finally ask Yosef:
– And after the institute you will come here?
– Probably. We always come back. Why leave to the enlightened light, if this light can just hold here. Next time you arrive, there will be Wi-Fi here. And then we are in the invention of something more interesting, and here will be the whole world.

Moroccan fairy tales

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