Moroccan drinks

Morocco is a hot country, and therefore it is not surprising that the attitude to drinks here is special. As in other African countries, water here is synonymous. In Morocco, the main national drink is traditional green tea with mint and sugar. Moroccans drink it continuously, from morning to evening. No wonder Moroccan proverb reads: "We drink tea between tea and tea". No conversation starts without a cup of Moroccan tea. If the guest gost refuses him, it can be perceived as a sign of disrespect.

Traditional green tea brewed in special metal teapots, in which it is served. First pour a little green tea, add boiling water, then put a large handful of mint leaves and give to get drunk on fire a few minutes. In some families, sugar add to the kettle immediately, in some – only after the tea bursts. Cups for tea, like the kettle, use only traditional, intended for Moroccan Tea.

Great attention deserves a hot drink. It should be noted that tea in Morocco is taken not to the edges, but only half. Wholely poured a glass means that the guest is not happy – the owners want him to finish his tea faster and left. During the spill of tea, the kettle is kept at high height so that foam is formed. A lot of foam means tea is cooked correct.

Most popular in Morocco enjoys coffee. If tea is considered a domestic drink, then coffee is urban. Coffee in Morocco often prepare with the addition of spices, such as cardamom and cinnamon, which gives it a special taste and fragrance. Sometimes Moroccan coffee is prepared by mixing several varieties of grains at once. Usually, Moroccans drink strong black coffee, but they also prepare coffee with milk, which is called "Kahu Casse".

Moroccan drinks

Alcoholic beverages in Morocco not distributed – religion forbids Muslims to drink alcohol. Nevertheless, the country is famous for its extensive winery. Here they produce unique gray wines, also pink and red. Among the most famous sommeliers call Gri, Taleb, Per Antoine, Cardinal Amazir, Sho salts, Valpierre. As a rule, they are exported to France.

In the summer heat Moroccans often drink Freshly squeezed orange juice – surprisingly delicious and cheap in Morocco. It is selling merchants juice on the streets and markets, calling buyers with loud screams and active gesture.

Moroccan drinks

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