Morning in Nice and evening in Sorrento

The one who thinks is deeply mistaken that our tourists prefer Antalya from all Mediterranean resorts. Say there cheap. Do not theoretize. Criterion of truth, as you know, practice. Therefore be lazy. Choose on the map one of the most expensive Mediterranean resorts. Namely Cote d’Azur. And go to there. For example, in Nice. You will not pass along the embankment and one hundred meters, as definitely hear our speech. And in the nearest cafe there are great chances to stumble upon compatriots. It is here, in the French Riviera, you are convinced: the worldview of our tourists has changed. Among them appeared gourmets – those who are widow "Naison" Cheap TourProduct and made a choice in favor of respectable rest. Let it ride less often, but to eat the best tourist dishes "Kitchen". At least a travel agency "Academservis", sending tourists to the Cote d’Azur, this direction enjoys sustainable demand.

Well, since you were in Nice, it is worth not to lose time for nothing and in full. Especially if you stayed at the Negresco Hotel. Before you take advantage of all the benefits provided by five-star hotels (the French themselves are so demanding to hotels that they have addicted only four with a plus), it is worth just likeing on his corridors. If the Cote d’Azur himself can be called a tourist miracle, Negresco is a miracle of the azure coast. Already in the lobby, when you will be directed to the Rack Reseption to get the number of the room, the stained glass hotels of the Eiffel will appear. Further more. Rigo, Minar, Arman, Cockt. Among the set of cauldron decorating the walls of the hotel, you will meet even the creations of Picasso. It was at this hotel who preferred Winston Churchill to stop. In the rooms – solid antiques. Prices for accommodation – relevant. However, lovers relax in a luxury resort and at the same time not to bring the family to the financial collapse "Academservis" offers and cheaper hotels, right up to two-star.

Neighboring Cannes are not inferior in respectability Nice. It is not by chance that this city was chosen by the venue for international film festivals. To test all the delights of the resort, it is best to stay in the chic carlton inter-Continental, where all the stars of the movie stop during the festivals. But even if this hotel is not affordable (super room for super stars here is $ 8.000 per day), to the famous world of this can be joined by walking along the croiset embankment, on which the most famous participants of the Cannes Festival left their hands.

Well, and if you play your favorite actors prefer games gambling, then direct you the way to the Principality of Monaco, located all on the same Riviera, namely, in Monte Carlo. There is also your best hotel here. And the best is not only in Monte Carlo and in all of Monaco, but also belonging to the best in the world. Hotel De Paris. Luxury, luxury and luxury again. Plus elegance.

Monte Carlo attracts fans of gambling (for the coolness: near the casino there is a platform from which the amazing view of the sea and rocks, to which those who are not lucky in the game are not lucky in the last century). But not only their. After all, Monte Carlo has almost the best on the whole riviere beaches.

Passionate fans yachts "Academservis" Invites to another resort of the Cote d’Azur – in Saint-Tropez. Yachts – pleasure for the rich. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the Saint-Tropez is the most expensive place on the whole French Riviera. But even here "Academservis" will be able to choose a relatively cheap hotel.

In addition to luxury hotels, luxury mansions and the elite public itself, the Cote d’Azur is famous for its festivals. In addition to the already mentioned Cannes, here all summer passes many less famous, but no less interesting festivals. And jazz, and classical music, and fireworks. Pass and sports competitions (including "Formula 1").

If you are not a lover of star parties, but just want to relax on a good European resort, then you may need to settle south of the Cote d’Azur – in Italy, where there are also places designed for different wallet thickness.

Morning in Nice and evening in Sorrento

If the wallet allows, i.e. all the steps neglect the continent and settle on the island: small – Ischia or Big – Sardinia. Ischia is famous for healing geysers and hotels offering all the sizes of tourist civilization, including golf and squash. Since the island is lucky with geysers, the Italians took care that he was just as lucky with fashionable centers of thalassotherapy. There is no geysers on Sardinia. But golf and squash – more than on sinky. And many yachts that can rent any rest.

But not necessarily a resting place to limit the island. You can settle in the vicinity of Naples. South or north, but not in Naples itself: do not argue – the city is colorful, with a lot of tourist attractions, but it is better to walk during the excursion, what to spend here all the time of vacation. Too noisy and voyage. Much more correct will be settled in the town of Amalfi. For an amateur of archaeological research here, the entire coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, which is part of the Mediterranean, is dirty (. Small antiquities seemed little – you can go on a tour of Pompeii, where all imaginable antique buildings are located on the territory of a separate city, from a public house to pagan temples. From Amalfi, excursions to the island, close to the heart of each proletarian, are organized, – Capri.

The guide, striking the island of a group from Russia, will definitely show you to you, among other villas, where I had no time saved from the persecution of the royal guard Ilyich. But although everyone, diligently listening to the speeches of the teacher of literature in school, Capri is associated primarily with Gorky, the place where the great strength of the great proletarian writer was gained, even the most ancient island old woman will show. About the ebulls of the revolution here did not hear. Therefore, it is better not to take a guide with stupid questions. And just ride along the cable car. Getting to the very top of the island, on the road Contemplating the heavy life of the Italian peasant: orange trees, vineyards, containers filled with liquid from the fruits of this vineyard, the host itself, despite the early hour of the time to calm down from the tank, and therefore in a very rainbow mood. You will fool him with your hand and think: "The life of a rural worker hard, but on such a wonderful earth is not devoid of pleasant". He will happily assist in response and think: "And that these assholes go there and here attached by hooks to the rope? No go down. And wine after. Would stand in human". But here you just get to the topper and, sitting at the table, study all the beauty of the island from the height.

Fans of virgin nature should be rushing north of Naples, in the village of San Feliche Chirceo, located in the middle of the National Park with Brown Mediterranean Vegetation. Even such a coarse is ready to provide you "Academservis". There are also windsurfing, water skiing, and tennis, and even the opportunity to swim on canoe, not to mention the chic hotel with rooms, which are the balconies of which.

And of course, "Academservis" Offers relax in Sorrento. What you say about Sorrento? Citrus Groves, Naples Bay with Transparent Water, Blue Sky. In general, read Turgenev. He has already written everything about these places. Back in the past century.

Morning in Nice and evening in Sorrento

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