Morning capital of the Czech Republic, beer with shipping on the train and free Zlata street

Go from the Lica to Prague 8 hours with a stop in Wroclaw, in which I have plans to go, because they say that the city is just a class. Well, this is in the future, but for now I will answer the question "And you were in Wroclaw?»Phrase" Drive ".

What are the good roads in Poland now, absolutely new, smooth and comfortable. You are aware of this when you cross the invisible, but a beautifully tangible border of Poland with the Czech Republic, when the bus jumpers on the pit, hitting you by the head of the ceiling.

The flight was night, and we arrived at the Prague Florence station (cool name) during, when even McDakes are closed, that is, at 5 am. Another powerful plus Prague is that the bus station is located almost in the city center, and not on the outskirts, as in Berlin, and Taxi owls in Prague do not find.

In the afternoon there is no push.

I made a big mistake without having prepared carefully before the trip, and without reading what I would like to see in Prague. Left it for the bus, but the Internet sued me strongly, so that the Internet is very hoping for the buses, let him work or not, will be a surprise for you.

So we just went. Where? Where everyone goes in Prague – in Prague Castle, the residence of the Czech kings, especially since it is not even necessary to search, it is perfectly visible from the embankment.

Prague, view from the Kremlin!

In Prague County, there is another interesting landmark – Zlata street.

Pissing dudes stand and piss for money. Uhh, reducing the West, Kiseleva not on you. I asked Dasha from Yulya to stand next to them and simulate this process, but they showed everything insecluding, even the photo will not show.

Finally came true morning, and we were able to have breakfast and go towards the city center (center I consider the Old Town Square). Time is still 9 in the morning, and the people already have a million, in my opinion, a big minus Prague is terrible crowds of people.

On the bridge did not even find a sphere of the knight, I had to go with him ..

On the way from Karlovoy Bridge to the Old Town Square there is a corner of the heroes of Maidana.
High popularity he does not use.

Prague Monument Nazgul!

Morning capital of the Czech Republic, beer with shipping on the train and free Zlata street

The next item – Wenceslas Square. I do not consider it an area because it looks more like a wide street with a monument at the end.

The people here are noticeably less, but here there is a small festive market.

Time was almost 2 hours in the afternoon, and we could go to the hostel. With the hostel we lost, unfortunately, because they booked it 3 days before the trip, and everything was clogged under the urban. Easter!

On the way we found one strange place in Prague:

The photo is not visible, but in the bottom a lot of people, so I can safely say that young people in Prague sits on mushrooms!

Putting off a few hours, we went to one of my favorite places in Prague – Bar with Railway! The technology is simple, come sitting at the table near the railway and order beer.

Beer class! Class idea! Waitress Class! Recommend! Bar name Vytopna!

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