Morelia (Morelia)

Morelia (Morelia) – City in the central part of Mexico, the capital of Michoacan. Located 280 km from Mexico City, in the area of ​​Guayangeareo Valley at an altitude of 1921 m above sea level. Population – 608,049 people (2005).

The historic center of Morelia, consisting of many colonial buildings and churches, was listed as a list of World Heritage sites in 1991.

Tourists here are not so much, as in some other Mexican cities. Morelia, above all, is an educational and government center.

Morelia (Catedral De Morelia) – Baroque Cathedral with His Gardens and Parks. Cathedral is huge, covers more than 2 urban quarters. A characteristic view of it is attached to such as architectural details, like soaring supports and tiled dome. The cathedral was built in honor of the local holiday «Day of death», which is celebrated in November. Most events are carried out after the occurrence of darkness: the speeches of the choir and fireworks are arranged on the square in front of the cathedral. The height of the towers is 70 m, the period of construction of the cathedral – 1660-1744.

Casa Naltal de Morelos
(Casa Natal de Morelos) and Casa de Morelos (Casa de Morelos) – All my life Hero of the Mexican War for Way, José Maria Morelos, spent in Morelia. There are two Morosa Houses in the city, and both are historical museums dedicated to the lives of Morelos and his role in the formation of a Mexican state.

(Aqueduct) – Huge aqueduct, built between 1785 and 1789, in order to bring water to developing young cities.

Morelia (Morelia)

Morelia was officially founded on May 8, 1541 by the first vice-king of New Spain Antonio de Mendoza called «Michoacan city». 50 Spanish noble families lived in the city and indirection. In 1545, the name of the settlement was changed to Valladolid.

Unlike the Indian city of Pazkoiro, who was hosting for a long time with Valladolid, the latter was mostly Spanish, where the conquistadors and their heirs lived, as well as attachments from the metropolis. In 1547 he was assigned the status of the city, and 1553 – Private coat of arms.

Rivalry between Pazkoiro and Valladolid turned on the dispute for the location of the Michoacanian diocese. The Spaniards demanded that the bishoprosis is in Valladolid, but Vasco de Kiroga, who always defended the Indians from oppression, was on the side of Pazkuaro. In 1571 (6 years after the death of Vasco de Kirog), the King of Spain Philip II gave preference to Valladolid.

In 1580, Valladolid took over the status of the capital of the state of Michoacan in Patskairo. Throughout the colonial period, several religious orders were founded in the city, which raised the cultural status of the city.

Morelia (Morelia)

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