More travelers choose therapeutic tours to Latvia

Tourist destination to the Baltic countries are good with their medical and wellness tours. Wonderful beaches and magnificent coniferous air and excellent hotels, and wellness sanatoriums – this is what affects the choice of tourists.

One of the Baltic states is the Latvian Republic – the most beautiful country that has retained the magnificence of medieval cities and this is not the last advantage. Latvia takes guests in cities like Jurmala, Daugavpils, Liepaja and Rezekne, where tourists are waiting for excellent white sand beaches and developed European infrastructure. Latvia is an excellent place to correct your shameless health.

The services of a dentist’s doctor use especially very popular among tourists, since their rates are sometimes at seventy percent lower than the same services in the our Federation. Modern equipment and technologies are used in clinics. And how much does the prosthetics of the teeth be dependent on the selected material – ceramics, nylon or acrylic. Specialists will diagnose, after which they will determine the exact cost of prosthetics of teeth and other types of dental treatment.

More travelers choose therapeutic tours to Latvia

Most Latvian sanatoriums are known throughout the our Federation and abroad. The most popular city in the resort can be called Jurmala, which combines not only the use of a seafood, but also a unique area with natural climatic conditions. In the area there are spa hotels that offer services and recreation, and medical procedures that are aimed at amendment of your health and beauty restoration.

Rehabilitation centers in the city resort of Jurmala have a large number of mineral water sources, peat and sapropel mud. They are good because they are applied immediately after their prey. A large number of specialists for their clients are offered treatment at the sanatoriums of Latvia, where they successfully work with various children’s diseases, health courses related to digestive, gynecology, urology and many other.

More travelers choose therapeutic tours to Latvia

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