More than a third of young Japanese do not want to get a pair

More than a third of the Japanese aged 20 to 39 years admitted that they do not want to form a couple and all the more creating a family. This was stated by 37.8% of the survey participants, which was conducted on the initiative of the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan on the Internet and by mail among 7,000 people. The results were presented in the annual report of the government – "White Book of Fertility Reduction Problems".

It turned out that 28.8% is not married and are not in the romantic relationship. Of these, 39.1% of women and 36.2% of men stated that they do not want to start a partner. To the question of why 46.2% of respondents answered that the relationship is troublesome, corporate. 45.1% admitted that their priority is a favorite hobby. And 32.9% stated that they want to do in the first place work and education. As researchers celebrate, low-income people are interested in romantic relations.

More than a third of young Japanese do not want to get a pair

Romantic relationships want 60.8% of young Japanese. But, as the survey shows, not everyone succeeds. The proportion of people who have never been married under the age of 50 years have increased recently, the compilers of the "White Book".

According to the Japan Times edition to cope with a low birth rate in the country, the Japanese government has promised to support young families at all stages of life: starting from wedding, pregnancy and childbirth and finishing the child’s education.

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