More than a million citizens of Thailand want to leave the country

The owner of several restaurants in Thailand was shocked by the extraordinary popularity of the Tiskoy-speaking group in the social network Facebook, which he created, desperately correct the situation with his business, victims of the collapse due to the coronavirus pandemic.

What do the group members say?

In the Thai businessman group under Nick Fu shared his experiences and said he was seriously thinking about moving to another country to keep the remaining money. According to his idea, only his friends and Thais who left their homeland should have been held in a closed group who left their homeland earlier.

Already on the very first day, the group was replenished with 60 thousand new members, and after 5 days the number of participants exceeded over a million.

The closed community discusses burning for many theme – The possibility of moving to other, more developed and stable in the economic plan of the country, which is able to cope with the current crisis and support their citizens.

Thais, who already have experience in life abroad, share their experience and advise compatriots not be afraid to look for their happiness outside of Thailand. They call on not to believe the fairy tales that their country is the best in the world, as they told them in childhood.

Fu told reporters that he left the country at one time, but he returned to marry and start his family business. He hoped that his native country would develop, and he would become an active participant in this process. However, after a few decades, surviving a coup and being unprotected in front of the pandemic, he regrets about the decision taken sometime and envies the representatives of his generation remaining abroad – Now even being citizens of a second variety in developed countries, they live better than he is in his own state.

How to respond to «Dangerous» Group Thai authorities?

It is not surprising that such a numerous group attracted the attention of the Governmental structures of Thailand. The Minister of Digital Economics and Society warned that the authorities follow the material published in the networks, and in particular, in the group «Let’s leave the country». He recalled that the ministry led by him was ready to take action, up to court, against illegal appeals or any prohibited content appearing in social networks and undermining state courts of the country.

Employees of the Ministry ordered to track illegal content, including the violation of the LESE Majeste law punishing the insult of the monarch or for dissatisfaction with his actions, including anticoid events held with his consent.

At the same time, the Minister Chayawut Thankamanusorn (Chayawut Thankamanusorn) noted that many comments of Thai users concern studying and careers abroad, which, from his point of view, commendably and should be encouraged by the ministries of education, science, research and innovation.

The minister also asked the participants in the group not to give any information, which calls to violate the law, including immigration, which can negatively affect the relationship between Thailand and other countries. He also advised to be careful with the network users offering work abroad, and explained that they could be silent. According to official information, in 2018–20. The Ministry of Labor of Thailand received more than 1,500 complaints about the facts of fraud.

More than a million citizens of Thailand want to leave the country

Most often leaving Thailand?

According to official statistics in 2020, more than 1.2 million citizens of Thailand lived legally outside the country, about 150 thousand. Citizens were abroad illegally (data for the first quarter of 2021). Almost half of Thai emigrants moves to the USA.

Top 10 countries that emigrate Thais:

  1. USA
  2. Australia
  3. Japan
  4. Taiwan
  5. Sweden
  6. Germany
  7. United Kingdom
  8. South Korea
  9. Norway
  10. Israel

Is there a similar group in Russia?

In the our-speaking community of the social network Facebook there is a similar group «It’s time to pour». It has existed since 2015 and discusses the themes similar to those worrying a Taiskoy-speaking group «Let’s leave the country». Group subscribers are not only our citizens, but also other countries of the post-Soviet space, speaking our. However, over 6 years of existence, only about 190 thousand joined the Internet community. Participants.

Can this fact say that ours arranges everything that is happening in the country now, and few people would like to leave the limits of their state, similar to how it demonstrated this million Thais, without frightened by persecution by the authorities.

More than a million citizens of Thailand want to leave the country

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