Caves of the Moravian Carasta

Moravia – one of the largest karst regions in Central Europe. Karst formations are different: caves, failures, funnels. These form of relief are formed in easily soluble limestone and anhydrites. Over 1’000 caves are located throughout Moravia, you can visit only four of them. The most famous – The cave of the Pialy, in which the river the same name flows, it is possible to make a boat tour: The stalagmites from the ceiling are hanging around the stalactites of various shapes and colors, all this is highlighted and a surreal impression is created.

You will definitely you will be interested in canyons empty and dry trough, failure of white water. In the center of the Moravian Karst, the Rudnitsky failure is located, where the erynnitsa river flows under the ground under Earth, and only the city of Joseph appears on the surface.

Moravian Careside Caves Landmarks Brno Travel Guide

Since 1956, the Moravian Carsman is a reserved area of ​​92 kV. KM. Flora and fauna are also interesting here. For example, rare plants grow on the day of the abyss of Matsuha, although the abyss can be called in a large stretch, its depth of barely reaches 140 m.

Circle laid varying degrees of complexity Tourist tracks. You can start directly from Brno Railway Station. And since these protected places, then the transport here is environmentally friendly: cable cars and environmental trains.

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