Moraphor Square

Moraphor Square in Porec – One of the items of the mandatory program for tourists who visited the city.

Morafor Square is located in the most extreme part of the peninsula, in the old town.

An interesting story of the name of Square: It is assumed that it dates back to the words «Mars» and «forum». Thus, the name of the sights can be translated as Mars Square. It should be noted that the area and the truth forms a square. It was this form that was characteristic of the Square of the Epoch of Ancient Rome.

In the past, on the square of Morafor in Porec, there was a temple of Mars. Today, tourists can see the ruins of stone columns and blocks – that’s all that remained from an old temple. In addition, the Neptune Temple was also acted on the square, erected in the first century.NS.

Morafor Square Sightseeing Pandex Tour Profit Guide

Near the Morafor Square in Porec are such interesting sights as the house of two saints, Euphrasieva Basilica, Romance House, and.

Curious Fact: In the era of Romans, the Morafor Square was located above – This is evidenced by fragments of ancient pavement.

We add that in the area of ​​Morafor life beats the key: the bars, jazz clubs are open here, playing music and pass various festivals.

Morafor Square Sightseeing Pandex Tour Profit Guide

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