Morach River Canyons

Montenegro Beautiful mountainous country and in it there is an amazing natural phenomenon, in its beauty is not inferior to many world-made apostrators. Says about the Morach River Canyon.

The small mountain river millennia sharpened the rock and now the magnificent spectacle appears to your glance. The Morach River is quite long and the canyon is almost along the whole river, in some places expanding and narrowing in others.

For tourists there are several viewing sites. One of them is located near the male morac monastery. In this place, the canyon is not very deep, but the water in the river is striking imagination with its transparency. With a depth of about 2-3 people at its bottom, you can consider every pebble. Through the river, the bridge is transferred from which the unique view opens.

The second observation deck is equipped near the deepest gorge, near the tunnel drove in the rock. In this place the river can consider the plague approaching the cliff itself. On the opposite side of the river, the Orgomny Mountain will hang, covered with rare black pines, which received this name due to their dark green, almost black needles.

Morach River Canyons Attractions Kolashin Tour Profit Guide

Almost along the river goes along the river, so if you wish, you can choose yourself a lookout area. Some landscapes very much resemble the nature of the state of Orizon in America. It is precisely because of this that famous paintings about the Indians with the actor Goyko Metichi were shot here.

Traveling in Montenegro must be worth visiting the Morach River Canyon, so that in your memories another indescribable place.

Morach River Canyons Attractions Kolashin Tour Profit Guide

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