Morach and Tara River Canyons

The Tara River is named the name of those who lived on her shores during the time of Illyrians of the Tribe. The depth of the canyon in which it flows is slightly less than 1,500 km, and the river is located at a fairly extended distance of 82 km, capturing the surrounding mountains and valleys. Officially, the canyon is part of the world heritage of UNESCO and refers to the park Durmitor.

It is believed that water from the river is coming to use without any cleaning, besides, it is one of the largest freshwater rivers of Europe and the same storage of drinking water as our Baikal. There are several full-water sources in the packaging, which also flow on small canyons.

Morach River Canyons and Tara Sights of Becici Tour Profit Guide

Interestingly, the territory of the canyon has not yet been studied, there is a large amount of caves, a variety of flora and fauna. A beautiful forest stretches around the canyon, which takes 400 years old. It lives quite diverse living creatures, even bears and wolves.

Morach’s river in turn is notable for being the biggest influx of scandadar lake. The nature of the river changes with the current: Starting as a mountain source, it is very wayward and it is here that the river struck her way through the canyon depth 1000 m. and 30 km long. He is perfectly visible from the motorway, incredibly picturesque and attracts hundreds of tourists. Moraci Canyon is slightly less deep than the canyon of the container, but its shores differ much greater steep. Morach Canyon attracts pore lovers.

Morach River Canyons and Tara Sights of Becici Tour Profit Guide

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