Monastery Moracha

If you are traveling in Montenegro, you will certainly be visited by the Morach Orthodox Monastery, which is in an amazingly beautiful place near the Canyon of the River of the same name. Being not only an amazing monument of the Middle Ages, but also by the active male monastery, he is very popular with tourists. Get into it just, it is open to visitors every day.

The territory of the monastery has an amazing atmosphere, it is located the church of St. Nicholas and the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady, various economic buildings and an apiary. Surrounded by flower beds, seized by grapes against the background of the Mountains Monastic Celi give a feeling of peace and peace. Ancient churches from stone solemn and strict. Interior decoration is very modest and consists of unique wall frescoes of 13-17 centuries and an altar part. Apple Bands, plums, figs and vineyards are growing on the territory, the quiet gazebos see the Lose Kiwi.

Morach Monastery Attractions Kolishina Tour Profit Guide

The monastery has a rich and several tragic story. Throughout its existence, he knew the periods of heyday and looting. He was founded in the middle of the 13th century Prince Stephen, but in the 15th century the Turks attacked these places, who almost destroyed the monastery. However, at the end of the 16th century, the monastery began to revive and since then is one of the holies of Montenegro.

Now it is the corner of Paradise, in which peace and silence reign. Monks live very modestly, their own farms and are always benevolent and welcome guests.

Morach Monastery Attractions Kolishina Tour Profit Guide

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