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Perhaps nowhere is not widely represented by natural diversity, as in Germany. But it is not necessary to look for climate contrasts here – Nature spares its inhabitants, showing his versatility in diversity of landscapes.

In the north, Germany is washed by the Baltic and Northern seas. The North Sea attracts scattered off the coast of small islands, clean air, rest, and in the summer – with its sandy beaches. The originality of the Baltic Sea lies in deep fjords in the West and wide beaches in the East. Amazing the imagination cool chalk cliffs of the islands of the Rügen and pine groves on a bordered with Poland island. Here, nature has been preserved in its pristine, untouched by.

Holidays in the German coast is ideal for those who do not transfers the change of climatic belts and are susceptible to allergies. Healthy sea air, abundance of sunny days and the complete absence of industrial pollution creates glory to the resorts. With a variety of landscapes, local gastronomy, hotels and apartments for every taste and in any pocket, developed trade and transport infrastructure – all this together with traditional hospitality manitis holidays all year round to the sea edge.

In the north you will see a lot of water, wide expanses and high sky. Along the coast extends National Park Wattenmer. Watts – coastal shallow, taken away during the ties, expanses and the fancy game of the light of which is almost impossible to describe in words. For the bottom of Watta, you can walk – better barefoot and with accompanying – even to the nearest islands.

Zyulta is the largest of the islands in the North Sea – call the King of the North. The length of the island is 38 km, and in a narrow place you can cross it in just 10 minutes. He is sporty and reckless, then it is decorated and measured. Center of Zyut, Town Westerland, carries the features of a secular resort – Elegant walking alleys and shopping streets, Casino, Kurhaus. Holiday "Island", How lovingly call him regulars, can afford not only very rich people now. Zyult, like St. Peter-Ording, – the favorite place of surfingists.

St. Peter-Ording, a resort with a 120-year history, is famous for its huge – 11 km long and up to 2 km in Width – Belopescan Beach and protruding far into the sea during the tide with pile buildings. As in many resorts, there is a large bathing complex here in case "Duneventerm" With all sorts of water attractions for large and smallest.

It is necessary to say that for holidaymakers with children in these resorts has created all the conditions – beach kindergartens and nurses, places for swarenia, children’s holidays. In some places there are children’s zoos and even seal stations. Western and selection of possible excursions: on Gelgoland, Rocky Island in the open sea and pirates; In the free Hanseatic city of Hamburg with its trading port, Sunday fishing market, elegant trading quarters, musicals "Cate" and "Phantom Opera", Reversarily at night St. Pauli with a famous Reeperban boulevard; in Bremen – homeland of Bremen musicians and beer "Becks"; In Lübeck – the capital of the Sacred Hanseatic Union, protected by UNESCO Pearl of Middle Ages.

In the Luxury Bay lies another resort town – Travemünde. Its characteristic feature is a daily exciting performance with the passage of huge marine ferries following in Scandinavia and Baltic ports. Vacationers here appreciate the sandy beach, resort promenade, casino and bathing complex "Aqua Top".

Mopic Motives Gemania

The largest island of Germany – Rügen – amazes with its diversity. Sanding chalk rocks over the sea, wide sandy beaches, blooming rapeseed and poppy fields, alleys, as tunnels passing through century old trees. There are also towns with elegant villas in the classic resort style, and small fishing villages, as it is impossible to fit alone with nature.

Well suited for a secluded rest and the most Eastern German island – the Needy Kaiser spent his vacation. The magic nature of the island combines pine groves and mixed forests, wide fields and meadows, picturesque lakes and bays and, of course, the Baltic Sea. You can learn new forces here in bicycle walks with a length of up to 150 km, in class surfing, golf, and you can try your happiness, going out into the sea with fishermen on their small thaushing boat, – maybe in the network goldfish.

On the Rhine again ringing swords

It is obvious that there are many reasons for visiting Germany. And in 1998., Thanks to the German National Travel Management (GNTB), another reason will appear for this. Visitors will now travel "In the footsteps of the knights and princesses". The new program will give them the opportunity to participate in knightly tournaments, visit medieval castles and palaces. Six programs "World of knowledge" introduce various aspects of the medieval period. One of them, for example, under the slogan "Entertainment in the Middle Ages", is a whole representation depicting knight fighting and minnesing agents singing ballads for their beloved.Those who decide to spend the weekend in the castle on the Rhine will be able to admire the articles of applied art, and also join here the created femors. Specially equipped rooms for guests will help "immerse yourself in glory and magic past times".Together with its partners, German National Tourist Office is constantly developing new forms and types of programs that can satisfy the most demanding taste. Theme 1998. – Unique appearance of German cities. 1999. will be marked by the 250th anniversary of the birth and. V. Goethe, as well as the 50th anniversary of the FRG education. But the main topic at the crossroads of centuries, of course, will be the World Expo-2000 exhibition in Hannover.

Germany is ready for all these events today. Thanks to the perfectly well-established infrastructure of tourism in the country, everything is organized easily and simply: modern airports will provide a quick and pleasant arrival, and land transport will deliver travelers to the most idyllic places. Tourists will be able to dwell both in the hotels of the international class and in charming rural houses.

Mopic Motives Gemania

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