Moorish bath El Bunuelo

Moorish baths in Granada located in one of the most ancient areas of the city – Albaisin. Initially, the Maurians settled in this area compactly, which is why there is a huge number of monuments of Moorish culture, in architecture dominated special features of Muslim, Arab culture.

Moorish baths El Baloelo were lined up in the 11th century and rightly considered the most ancient baths in Spain. Stone buildings are traditional arabic character – Semicircular Romanesque arches, heavy columns with massive capitals, coarse rough stone, ceilings, rugged with holes in the form of stars. Ventilation of the room took place through the holes in the ceiling, and penetrated the sunlight, which made the ceiling with a surprisingly similar to the man-made starry sky. A feature of the bathhouse in Granada is still an amazing marble floor that has been preserved in perfect condition!

Traditionally, the Arab baths consisted of three premises: the first granted visitors with cold water baths, in the second there was a hall with warm water, and the third – The farthest premises attended hot water and couple. For the Mauritanian culture baths were not only a place of ablution and hygienic procedures. They talked here, discussed the news, stipulated the terms of the transactions, shared plans. Besides the opportunity to get across and wash, it was also possible to order a massage or rubbing the body with oils.

Moorish Baths El Bunaelo Sights of Granada Tour Profit Guide

Since 1918, Mauritan baths in Granada are listed in the list of national monuments.

Visit Moorish baths El Baloelo free. They are open to visits from 10-00 to 14-00 except Monday, Sundays and national holidays.

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