Moon Valley Jordania

Like Earth, full of biblical, Roman and Arabic history, Jordan surprises and fascinates travelers with its beautiful natural objects, such as Peter, Dead Sea and Wadi Ram Ram.

The second name of the desert Wadi Ram – Valley of the Moon. Such a nickname she received because of an amazing landscape and unearthly landscapes. Wadi Ram’s desert for more than three thousand years, once a long time on the place of the desert there was a sea, but then, because of the natural cataclysms, the water did not become. The combination of amazingly beautiful terrain, flora and fauna, ancient monuments and cultures of Bedouins creates a truly unique impression.

The Wadi Rama Desert consists of wide red or yellow sand valleys and sandstone mountains of red ocher. These mountains rise in height to 1854 meters, and their approximate age – 30 million years. Wadi Rama contains almost all minerals present in our planet. Red sand and mountains are due to iron oxide.

Wadi Rama is a guarded territory, 720 square kilometers of wild desert in the south of Jordan are a national park. The Landscape of the Moon Valley is recognized as one of the brightest desert landscapes in the world and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Moon Valley Jordania

Despite the dry climate, the lunar valley is rich in Flora and the fauna: 360 species of plants grow here, 100 of them bloom in spring and for more than 250 different types of animals and desert birds is home.

And finally, an interesting fact: the episodes of the film "Transformers: the revenge of the fallen" were removed in this desert!

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