Moon Gingerbread Festival

Autumn in Thailand marks holidays, however, like any other time of year in the kingdom. That’s where the spectacular festival of vegetarians should begin, and then beautiful and romantic Loy Kratong. But before we celebrate the lunar gingerbread festival (or cake, as Moon Cake) or the middle of autumn, the favorite holiday of lovers to eat. In large shopping centers already smeared special lunar gunits. And even in every 7-11 company s&P managed to deliver the party of lunar pies.

Festival of the middle of autumn is celebrated most widely in China. But since in Thailand a large percentage of Chinese and Thai Chinese origin, this tradition has penetrated into the kingdom. The festival on the 15th day of the eighth moon month begins and marks the autumnal equinox and the end of the harvest. But to sell and gladly absorb lunar gickers and cupcakes begin weeks three before the start of the celebration. In my opinion, this holiday is relevant not so much to the crop, how much to the philosophical perception of human unity with nature to achieve perfect harmony, which corresponds to the main canons of Taoism.

The festival of the lunar gingerbread holiday is named by tradition to prepare special sweet gingerbread in the form of a full moon of sesame sesame, lotus and duck eggs. No one knows where this tradition comes from, but in the XIV century, the lunar pies have become superpopular. At that time, the rebellion of the Mongols who captured the country was preparing in China, it was necessary to act together in secret from the enemy. Then, in honor of the Mid-Autumn Festival (for another version, not thousands of lunar gingerbreads were baked, thousands of lunar gingerbreads, in which notes were hidden about the rebellion plans, and they were cut off by local residents. And Mongolian IHO was overthrown. And now the lunar gingerbreads are still called the Chinese Trojan horse.

Every year, Thais of Chinese origin gather in the temples, landing gingerbread gods, burning red candles and aromatic sticks. The festival of the lunar gingerbread is more family holiday, because it is his round shape that symbolizes the moon, which is so important in Chinese mythology. There is a Chinese saying that all marriages are concluded on the moon. They are organized by a special moon old man who has a book with the names of all newborn children and happy couples. Only he knows the fate of every Chinese, and you can not resist this. This month in China is a lot of weddings.

Traditional lunar gingerbreads made from duck yolk, which symbolizes the full moon, and pasta of lotus seeds and sesame seeds. Not every family could afford such a treat due to the high cost of paste. Pies are usually small: 10 cm in diameter and 4-5 cm in height. Of course, it was not without records. The two-meter moon cake was baked in Hainan, the dough which went about 350 kg paste, more than 30 kg of egg yolks and 100 kg of flour. The dough all gingerbreads are the same, but the fillings differ. In the shopping centers sell standard gingerbread firms&P and Ang-Kee with Paste of Red Bobs Mung, Black Cheese, Lotas Seeds, Green Tea, Durian, Fruit and Nuts. Some restaurants and bakeries make lunar gingerbreads with chocolate, coffee, cheese and ham. In 7-11 you can buy Lunar Pie with Durian – Oh, how the Thais love him!

In addition to traditional lunar pies from wheat flour in the last 30 years, it is customary to prepare from sticky rice and jelly. Snow-White Lacon made of adhesive rice Call a snowy moon cake. In some local stores you can buy gel-shaped moon cake from agar or gelatin with a variety of fruit flavors. Unfortunately, for the monitoring of his figure, enjoy the lunar gingerbreads is contraindicated due to high calorie. You also need to be cautious vegetarians, the lunar gingerbreads are prepared by tradition with swine fat (because of this such a kind of taste). But for the holiday, some brands will be smeared by amazing lunar pies without the use of Sala. In Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, you can find the freebies of the lunar gingerbreads that meet all the principles of Muslim food.

Moon Gingerbread Festival - Moon Pieces on Phuket, Thai Holiday Travel Guide Phuket

If you do not get this year at the Moon Cake Festival, you can add your vacation any other year.

October 1, 2020
September 21 2021
September 10, 2022

And try the lunar ginkers all year round, for example, in the Bigc shopping center on Phuket or other shopping centers.

The most delicious lunar pies are sold in bears s&P in Bigc and Tesco Lotus supermarkets – with fruits and nuts, cranberries and tea Earl Gray, lotus seeds and macadamia. During the festival of the mid-autumn festival, ask the lunar pies in Chinese restaurants of Thailand and other countries, they simply can not be. Thais themselves do not celebrate this festival, as well as the Chinese New Year, it can be seen only in the temples and houses of ethnic Chinese in Phuket Town.

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