Moon bar in Bangkok

On the roof of the hotel Banyan Tree Hotel, and rather on its 61st floor, there is a restaurant with an intriguing name Vertigo (dizziness). Glamorous atmosphere reigns here and very expensive dishes are served. However, this is one of the most popular Bangkok places. Its popularity is obligated with a gorgeous type that opens with an open area of ​​the restaurant.

Moon Bar in Bangkok, Hotel Vertigo. Photo Credit: AsiaCamera, Flickr

Moon bar in Bangkok. Photo Credit: Kuoni Travel, Flickr

If you are afraid of a height – this is not the place where you should go, but if you like dizzying panoramas, you will be delighted. Leaning on the railing and looking at the city, you will feel that in the literal sense of the word, you are on top of this crazy 🙂 Megapolis.

Banyan Tree Hotel. Photo Credit: Dan Oxlade, Flickr

Panorama of Night Bangkoka. Photo Credit: François Vermeil, Flickr

Since the restaurant is located in the open air, during the rains it can close for some time, but during the dry season, from November to May, you can be sure that it will always be opened.

Moon Bar in Vertigo’s restaurant (Vertigo) offers (except for dizzying species, of course) dizzyfully delicious cocktails. Cocktail in the moonbar is the best way to meet an amazing panorama of Bangkok, well and glamorous atmosphere vertigo).

Moon bar in Bangkok

Moon bar in Bangkok. Photo Credit: Sentsim, Flickr

Moon Bar. Photo Credit: AsiaCamera, Flickr

Collecting on a cocktail in Vertigo, leave your shorts in the suitcase, put on something cute (there is a dress code here) and capture more money with you)). Cocktails in the moonbar stand from $ 20, and dinner will cost no less than 150 – 200 dollars for two.

Table under the stars, Lunar bar in Bangkok. Photo Credit: Michala Hackner, Flickr

Moon bar in Bangkok

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