Moomin Trolley Park

Mumi-Trolli – Some of the most famous characters of children’s books. They live in Finland, in Mumi-WORLD, not far from Naantali. It is believed that this is one of the best thematic parks for children. The fabulous world is located on a separate island in Turku Archipelago. Here you can meet with living heroes of children’s books, see many places described in fairy tales. Children will gladly climb on Mumi-attic and come down in a mummy-cellar filled with jams with jams, play hide and sweat with mumi-troll, SNOF and baby Mu. Everyone without exception will like funny ideas that are played in the Emma Summer Theater.

Beautiful nature surrounds the house of muma-trolls, and inside the house you can safely wander around the rooms and touch any items. The whole island can be circumvented along the paths that the park guests will be at interesting places. So she will lead to the kitchen Mumi-Mom, where everything is as in the book, and in the jars the real jam is stored. On the shore you can see the Fregat of Mumi-Pope, and rising to the mountain to get into the witch’s hut. During the walk, it is possible to be in the cave of Hatifnatt, where everything is filled with mysterious flicker, or in the cave of the weather, where even in the summer heat is all covered with ice. In the house of Hemul, you can see a collection of butterflies and plants.

But it is worth it to fit the winter holidays with children on the penultimate week of February, when the Mooma-World is open. Believe me, in the winter there is no less interesting than in the summer. Children will be delighted with a variety of events that occur here. Winter holidays in Mumi-WORLD filled with all sorts of entertainment. Merry communication with the inhabitants of the valley, dancing under the songs of mumi-trolls, winter fun. In the park you can get sledges for free and ride off the slides, learn how to walk on snowshoes, skiing, skiing, cheeks. There are always many positive emotions in children, and in adults, it causes riding in a dog harness and horse riding on a fabulous snow-covered forest.

Moomin Trolley Park

Open Mumi-World from June 8 to August 25, as well as from February 16 to February 24. Until August 12 – from 10 am, after August 12 – from 12. Close Park at 18 o’clock.

The island where Mumina-Trolls live, is 16 km from Turku and 180 – from Helsinki on the southwest coast of Finland. You can get here from the Turk on buses No. 11 and 110 – to Naantali, or also from the Turku on the steam. In addition, from Hotels Turku to Naantali runs a special Moyi bus.

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