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«Namasha!» — Welcomes you india, submissively folding the palm under the chin, as if in prayer. Walking in the opening door of the aircraft with a warm breeze with flavors of flowers and spices, she mysteriously manites you for himself, as if inviting to plunge into his atmosphere of constant contrast.

Becoming an independent country of all three hundred years ago, the second in the world in the number of people living in it and the seventh — By area, India has not yet managed to provide its citizens not only by living conditions, but also passports. About each third Indian does not have an identity card, but is it important?

Curiosity to look at white-skinned tourists, in a childish carelessly splashing in the warm waters of the ocean and it is easy to sleep in the open air without a passport.

India Most of us know by its uncomplicated cinematic «Eposam» Multicolored sari on dark skinny indiana, unpaired songs «Jimmy, Jimmy, Acha-Acha…» and endless dances involving all the heroes of touching Indian films in their densit rhythm without exception.

Such for many years now, India shows Bollywood — The largest film industry in the world. Unfortunately, art architecture, friendly residents and juicy landscapes in this country are adjacent to mud and terrifying poverty. From the whole of the heart I would like to consider those who disappear with rest in India, stereotypically thoughtful people, but there are in their judgments and a certain proportion of truth. It is also true that, despite such shocking contrasts, once arrived in India, you love its identity with all the soul and be sure to return here again.

Somewhere in the southwest

The most popular Indian resort of Goa has long been and hotly loved by ours, although many still consider this state island and confidently add an exclusion to him «on» («Airplane on Goa», «We live on Goa»), but nothing to do with the island part of India has.

Adapting under modern tourist requests, the Indians hastily tuned in Goa comfortable hotels and budget guesthouses, replaced the Indian sharp menu to fresh European and began to add water everywhere in fresh juices. Even in a more democratic northern part of Goa, the price of housing, nutrition and rental Bijah became indecently high in relation to the same services in other Indian states, but it does not prevent guests from Russia: they are not only annually come to relax in Goa, but also regularly remain Here is wintering.

Local people consider our tourists the most rich and awesome. According to Indians, it is thanks to the emergence of ours in Goa, prices jumped four times, while all hotels were filled in the season, there are no free places in the restaurants, and the merchants massively rushed to learn our. Now there are no longer in the markets in the markets, but on broken our: «Parent my store», «Very good price», «Isto rupees».

And yet Goa did not lose his appeal, and for the first trip to this amazing and many-sided country, this state — The most suitable option. The only irreparable error that can be made at the time of planning its Indian holiday — It is to buy a tour of a five-star hotel and all holidays from it cannot be selected. With the same success, you can relax in any other country of the world, because local color you will not feel.

In view of a huge territory and low-cost landmarks do not have to: Here, the rental of bikes (mopeds) are used; the services of Velo and Motoriksh are available. For traveling for long distances you can rent a jeep or a car with a driver. If you are going to get behind the wheel yourself, you need to remember several major rules of the road in India: the bus is always right, so it must be skipped; turning — This is not just an accessory; And the most important part on your movement facility —Klackson. Here is a signal at each convenient case — Before turning, in the dark, leaving the oncoming lane by overtaking. Who brokeble, he and the right in this, at first glance, a messy road movement, plunging in the shock of everyone who was on the Indian Road for the first time. True, we get used to everything — And even to Merlyly walking in the midst of this chaos, cows, which drivers are special thank — This animal in India is sacred and hitting it is considered a crime for which you can even go to prison.

From the cults of Goa, you need to visit Saturday’s Saturday night market’S Night Market in Arpore, on the Friday city market in Mapse, on the Flea Market Day Market, which is held on Wednesdays since the late 60s — In those days, he was organized hippie and sold their things there, earning money to stay in this as long as possible «Paradise» (Hence the name «swap meet»).

Be sure to travel to a fresh lake with Bian, under which the enlightenment of the participants of The Beatles group in Arambole; Stroll along the old Fort of Redi Fort, located on the Paradise Beach deserted romantic beach in the neighboring Maharashtra State; Take a post in Juice Center — Once a barn with lattices on the windows, now it is a two-story building, where in the company of cheerful hippies you can try juices from all kinds of tropical fruits. And, of course, spend a few nights on the beach Palolem Beach — This place of amazing beauty is a semicircular bay framed on both sides covered with greenery hills. All the coast is sleeping with multi-colored bungalows, beach tapes, around which lanterns and candles light up…

Then the main spectacle begins, for which incorrigible romance from all over the globe come here — Surreal sunset, which seems to be on a soft period of green crowns between two hills.

Having come to any beach, you will accurately find yourself in the very thick of the events: the tourists warmly sunbathe in the afternoon, hurdles and cows and cows walk out, and in the evening the beach is driven by the most diverse public — Musicians, artists, yoga lovers, just yawaks. The circle becomes crowded, noisy and fun. While life boils, the sun slowly descends into the water, painting the sky into orange, purple, pink colors. And everything around freezes… Checked: To gain harmony and feel happy in Goa, no additional stimulants do not need alcohol and drugs — Nature and indescribable aura of this place naturally give a feeling of completeness of life.

In search of civilization

It is believed that most of the inhabitants of India understand the English language, however, already in the neighboring state of Maharashtra there is not a single foreign trade, and the Indians express themselves with tourists with the help of gestures.

In order to see more civilized India, you just need to spend a few days in one of her megacities, for example, in the capital of New Delhi or in Mumbai (Bombay). Try to get to the world-famous foundation for the whole world, built in the shape of a cross in the XVII century. Here was one of the first indoor markets in the world, so that souvenirs can buy a car and a little car. Forts or what remained from them, scattered throughout India just like mosques, temples and randa palaces.

In Mumbai, you should look at the gate of India — It was through them that the British went out of the country, leaving Indians freedom. In the heat, it will be especially pleasant to stroll along the Gandhi National Park and try to inspect the one hundred ancient caves in which the monks had to have dwell.

Behind the shocking exotic, it is worth going to the religious capital of India Varanasi and live a day-another on the shore of the famous Gang River. According to the legend, it is its water to suffer soul meters to heaven, where the river comes from and originates. In India, it is still strongly influenced by ancient traditions, so the river not only erase underwear, brush teeth with special chopsticks, pray and start in water wreaths of yellow flowers, executing wishes, but also burn corpses, waving ashes over sacred waters. And although the procedure of Indian cremation is expensive and on his pocket, not everyone who wants to get into the paradise so much that people are burned with round days, and in the evening believers are gather for many hours of prayer.

If you are too impressionable, refrain from visiting the capital and Mumbai sights — Much here, even famous weaving factories, are created solely to attract tourists. But on the way to any destination, you will meet crowds of beggars and cripping; Children’s beggars will follow you everywhere and, God forbid, give them something — From such good luck the crowd of the poor only will double.

Much more pleasant to get to the Indian wedding — This is one of the most fun and crowded events. In some villages, the bride or groom for their children to Siktor, parents pick up, even if "walled" already under thirty. After marriage, all concerns around the house lay on the shoulders of a young spouse, the husband has the right to leave anywhere, leaving her also to care for his elderly parents.

Indians attach great importance to the birth of children: boy — This is joy, and a girl — ruin because she will need to give a very large pitiful (earlier on the shores of the reservoirs even stood signs with inscriptions «Girls do not heal!»). The lack of children in the family is considered to be punished for spoiled karma: if newlyweds have no heirs for a long time, then they are bad people.

Better Mountains can only be mountains in India


The highest and therefore such attractive mountain peaks for tourists — Himalayas — Attached to accommodate in India.

That is, classical «Opened Tuccumps on the Breast Rock-Giant…» — This is not only about the middle lane, Noi about the southern part of the highest mountain system of our planet. Naturally, mountainous tourism is highly developed here, and in many villages, luxury hotels are coating with cardboard houses of local residents, however, most of the product is not yet hine — independently engage in the tracking in the Himalayas it is categorically not recommended, yes, and it is closed, then the path burst.

If you did not have enough strength to rise by 4,000 meters above sea level, do not despair. Better swim in natural hot springs or run on snow-white yoke.

By the way, it was here that a new sport was invented — «Yaking» — Lifting up a mountain with the help of Yak.

Traveling around the mountains can be exhausting not only because you are accustomed to wallow on the warm sand by the sea. The higher the person rises, the less energy it remains, and sometimes, weakness is poured such that with difficulty transported through the crossings stuck the bike stuck. It is the height disease caused by oxygen starvation — the cause of accidents in the mountains, so that without a conductor to know such India is very dangerous.

At the foot of the Himalayev, the most large-scale Indian holiday is held annually — Kumbhamel, arranged in honor of the sacred vessel, which contained a drink of immortality. In the second half of winter, as soon as work ends in the fields, from all of India to the merger of three rivers — Ganges, Jamna and Underground Sarasvati — Pilgrimniki come. Such a number of people singing prayers, you are unlikely to see somewhere else.

This holiday is traditionally visited by Sadhu (hermits that limit themselves in everything), monks, priests, yoga, ascetics and another religious audience. There are a nearby poverty and wealth, naked and dressed, healthy and patients: having committed ablutions, they present their gifts to the gods and receive instructions from the guru about their further spiritual path.

Harmony Soul

Great Buddha believed that it is necessary to travel to everyone, because, falling into unusual conditions, a person seeks to expand the comfort zone, thus exercising his mind. For Indian who believes in reincarnation, the main goal in life — reach harmony and not to be attached to worldly values ​​from their past. That is why in this poor country the main part of the population is happy and the crime rate is unusually low (and yet do not wait for an iPhone or a laptop, walking around the busy streets).

Not every indian can be called the Hindu, since Hinduism serves most here, but not all.

In India, Judaism and Islam are also widespread, such religions like Sikhism, Jainism, and, of course, Buddhism. Such a number of sacred places and temples erected by followers of various religions, you are unlikely to find in other countries, but in India, there are no conflicts on the basis of faith. It is believed that this land is elected by God, and Jesus himself spent 12 years of his life in India, so there are here and Christians. Drops into the front clothes in the only common holiday with Europe — Christmas, Indians exhibit an improvised puppet theater in front of each house, the essence of which is one everywhere — Birth of Jesus. The owner of each house is alive and goodwill will tell you what is dedicated to his installation.

It is the religious saints and mentors in India much more valuable and authoritative of the heads of government.

In local ashrams for enlightenment come from around the world, and even if faith and an increase in spirituality do not care, you in any case will feel the extraordinary grace of this place. Such an atmosphere and its condition in it can be described in one word — «Shanti», Meaning in Hinduism the world, harmony and peace. Full pacification among eternal chaos —Here she is incredible India.


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