Monuments of ancient civilizations

V Cappadocia There are whole cities-fortress, cut down in soft rocks. One of them, scientist, is located inside a 60-meter cliff. This gigantic shelter once accompanied more than 2500 people, but who and when it settled here first — Not known. According to some data, the rock-cave settlements in Cappadocia appeared thanks to Christians who fled here in the first century. But there are also supporters of more ancient history of mountain fortresses: some find their connection with the bronze age!

Another famous city in stone — Peter in Jordania: You can infinitely admire it with incredible architectural structures, elegantly «inscribed» in a winding mountain relief. To date, only 15% of this unique monument has been studied.

MOAI — Giant Eastukans Easter Islands: Nobody found out why they were erected and who they portrayed. Their elongated heads are not too similar to the usual Homo Sapiens. According to the most bold assumption, once the island from the breakdown of the spacecraft hit the aliens. Repairing an strip, they have fun, sculpting their own busts. Rational thinking will not seriously consider this version, but any other will be as far from reality, since there are no scientifically based answers.

Title name for the city in Guatemala from the Language Maya translates as «place where spirits are heard». Here, representatives of this ancient civilization have built majestic pyramids — for communication with spirits, deities, space or. We do not know.

Monuments of ancient civilizations

Giant Temple Complex in Cambodia Angkor Wat — The largest culture building in the world, intended for the burial of the Power of the Royal Family. It is so beautiful that the version of his divine origin suggests itself. The local legend says that Angkor Wat will erect the son of the Hindu God Indra, the Khmer King of the Tatomial Prish, who visited heavenly panels from her father.

Relatively much we know except about Parthenone in Athens or Coliseum in Rome — But here we see only what they lived to this day.

Monuments of ancient civilizations

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