Monuments and museums in Poland

Wulfhenshanza (Wolf Lair), gloomy and sinister place resembling war. It is here, in the forests of Polish Mazuria, in 10km north of the town of Kenshin and only 20km south of the border with the Kaliningrad region of the our Federation, during the war of Hitler’s headquarters. This is a huge complex of underground bunkers, auxiliary buildings, barracks, hangars. The railway was supplied here, built by the airfield. The thickness of the walls of bunkers where Hitler lived, Goering and a number of other Raich figures, reaches 10 meters.

It was here that there was a failed attempt on the Fuhrera. A group of active conspirators consisted of three officers: Major General Genning von Treskov, Major Joachim Kuna and Colonel Claus Background Stauffenberg. Military engineer Major Kun built 2 explosive devices and mounted them in a portfolio belonging to Pereffenberg. Install detonators to each of two kilograms of explosives had to be the most stacking directly before the attempted. "Who will find the courage to do it, will go down in history as a traitor; Who will not find this courage, will become a traitor to his conscience", – Pronounced Colonel, before proceeding to the immediate implementation of the murder of the Fuhrera.

On July 20, 1944, the Colonel arrived at the Hitler’s bet, located in the Her Support, near the city of Kentshin in East Prussia (now the territory of Poland, Warmign-Mazur Voivodeship). Bid known as "Wolf Lair", consisted of several dozen underground bunkers. In one of them, in the presence of Hitler, a meeting of the military leadership of the Third Reich was to. The explosion in a closed room of two kilograms of explosives did not leave the Fuhrer with almost no chance of salvation. However, upon arrival at the stack offfenberg, found out that the meeting was postponed at earlier time. In addition, because of the terrible heat, Hitler decided to listen to reports on the status of the fronts not under the ground, but in a wooden structure on the surface. Stauffenberg managed to install a detonator only one kilogram of explosives. True, he managed to put a portfolio directly to the legs of Hitler and get out of the room. 5 minutes after that, in 12.42, the explosion rang out. Literally in seconds before him, someone from officers moved the portfolio, which the Führer stumbled. Because of this, there was a massive oak table between Hitler and the portfolio, which saved him from the blast wave. In total, there were 23 people in the bar. 17 of them were injured, 4 more died, and Hitler himself miraculously got into a mild contusion, lightly rock and torn pants.

Monuments and museums in Poland

On the same day at 22.45 Colonel Stauffenberg, who was already in Berlin and sent a deposit on the news of the death of the Fuhrer and the change of military leadership of the Third Reich at the headquarters of the German armies, was arrested and shot on the spot by order of Goebbels, Berlin Military Commandant. General von Codovkov shot himself, and Major Kun fled, voluntarily surrendered to parts of the Soviet Army and was convicted of 25 years of camps. In the period from July 21 to July 31, 1944, agents of the Main Department of Imperial Security grabbed and executed on suspicion of involvement in a civil servitude of 5764. According to the personal order of the Reichsfürera SS Himmler, most of them were hanged on the piano strings.

It is noteworthy that in modern Germany soldiers of the Bundeswehr, as a sign of respect, they swear to the loyalty of the country at the place of the execution of Staffenberg, considering it a real German patriot and fascism fascism.

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