Monument valley – red on blue or place where Westerns are removed Part 3

To ride on one Scenic Drive you need at least 1.5-2 hours, but it is generally practically stopped. Andriusix, for example, ride almost four hours, catching every view-pit and paint. After agreed in the opinion that they would be happy and spent more time in the valley, but we will overtake us, and I had to go to look for accommodation.

If you are going to walk in Vaildket Trail, then lay back from 1.5 to 2 hours. And so on, depending on what plans (riding, organized tours and t.D.).

Chesky all the monument valley looks at dawn and in «Gold watch» Before sunset, so try to get here at this time.

Park Score

nine from ten. Very bright and memorable park, which, I’m sure, curious to see every tourist. I personally, he did not disappoint us at all and satisfied all the expectations.

Sights in the vicinity

In the vicinity of the park there are quite a few interesting places. Some require a targeted study, others can be viewed. For example:

  • Gooseneck State Park (Gooseneck State Park)
  • Mexican Hat (Mexican Hat)
  • Valley Park of the Gods (Valley Of The Gods)

They say that this park is quite interesting. I do not know the details, but somewhere came to my eyes the statement that if you get into the local caves at a certain time of the day, you can see the effect of flaming walls. I think, besides this there there will be something else interesting.

Location and scheme of the Valley of the Valley of the Gods:

  • If you look pretty, you can find many other interesting places. Some of them are indicated in the diagram in red.

Accommodation in the valley of monuments and nearby

Accommodation can be found both directly in Monument Valley Area and in the surrounding area. These can be campgrounds, houses, hotels, accommodation from the local with Airbnb.


On the territory of Monument Valley Area There are a couple of campgrounds:


Goulding’s Campground

  • Places for tents
  • Places for RV
  • Group places
  • Drinking water
  • Toilets
  • Soul

Tent – $ 19,95 and higher (+ tax)
RV – $ 49.95 and higher (+ tax)
Cabin – $ 99 and higher (+ tax)

*V «Hot season» Prices are above.

Details and booking here.

  • Places for tents
  • Places for RV
  • Cabins
  • Group places
  • Drinking water
  • Toilets
  • Soul
  • Pool
  • Campings
  • Hotel

Located 10 km from the park.

Perhaps there are others, in the park itself you saw several tablets with the inscription «Camping», But it is not clear who act or not. Indians are all strange.

Monument valley - red on blue or place where Westerns are removed Part 3

In the vicinity of Monument Valley Area You can find even more tent camps, as evidenced by the plate below (first column – The name of the site where the campsite is located or the name of the camping, the second – The city in which it is located next to which is located):


In the park and is close to it, you can stay in the following hotels:

  • Goulding’S Lodge
  • Black’s Hogan B & B

Plus dozens of options in cities such as Kayenta, Blaff, Montisello, Blanding, Mexican Hat and DR.

You can choose suitable options using this shape (the mallet aggregator, which is looking for housing for such sites like Bucking, Agoda, etc.):

Scheme of the location of the surrounding cities:

Accommodation Airbnb

As Alternative option Housing search in American cities recommend paying attention to the site airbnb. This is a resource on which the owners offer to rent their housing (rooms, apartments, houses). We have already found excellent accommodation there in terms of price and quality ratio and always remained satisfied.

Here are the most suitable sections of the site:

Going on the last link, you will be taken to the section where all those offered on Airbnb accommodation options for housing in the States will be collected. There you can enter the title of the city in the upper left corner, which is interested, and get a sample of housing based on it, plus there is an opportunity "Play" With other parameters to choose the options as suitable for personal requests (the picture is increasing):

Details on the operation of the Airbb service and order of booking, as well as $ 20 bonus on the first booking (for unregistered users), look for in my article article. There are reviews and links to specific rooms and apartments that we rented Andrews.

Where we spent the night?

Since prices in the valley of the monument seemed not too adequate, we decided to search for camping somewhere outside. Since they were heading towards Mesa Verde Park, seek the place for the night was decided in this direction. We looked at the internet camping in the state of goose necks in the park (Goosenecks State Park). There and headed.

On the way, a couple of small cities met, in which motels were (on the view not too expensive), but on all the inscription «No Vacancy».

Go to the park goosek dugly. At the entrance, the information shield was concerned with rates, and nearby – Envelopes with Iron Safety Deposit. Payment instructions Read in this article (ibid, how to search and book campsites, general rules and t.D.).

Goosenecks State Park Campground

Schedule: nothing about it was written, it means that camping is ready to take guests all year round.

Booking: There is no prior booking, the system operates FIRST-Come FIRST Served (who came first, the first and took place).

Price: 10 dollars for place (tent, RV).

Places: Equipped with tables and fires for a fire with a grill. To choose a more or less convenient horizontal surface I had to take a walk with a flashlight, because everywhere stony land.

Facilities: On the territory there is one common toilet without water.

Peculiarities: As you understood, camping is located in the park, and this means that at the same time you can see something cute that we happened when we woke up in the morning))

You can eat in the park at the restaurant at the hotel.

  • Breakfast – from 7:00 to 11:00,
  • Dinner – from 11:00 to 14:00,
  • Dinner – from 17:00 to 2:00.

In addition to the restaurant there is Deli Express and Salad Bar.

Nearest grocery store – Goulding’s Grocery Store. In addition, full of full shopping, cafes and restaurants in all cities, which I wrote above in the housing section.


The nearest again next to Goulding’s Lodge, directly in the park of the filling station is not.

Cowboy you walk through the valley of monuments, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

Bonuses for our readers!

* On the first booking with a total amount of more than $ 75
** Instructions for working with the service and our reviews read here

Monument Valley Park Maps

  • Red dots – Attraction
  • Black – Accommodation (Campgrounds, Hotels)
  • Yellow – Filling stations
  • Green – Shops, Cafes and Restaurants
  • Raspberry – surrounding cities

Very visual map from Wikimapia.

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Every time I am amazed by the informativeness of your articles – so much useful and interesting!

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It would be nice that this reaction was transformed into food-food-foods))) True, with the current course of the dollar America in general, gold became.

When looking at these landscapes I immediately remembered the film "Gold Macken". It was very popular in the 70s of the last century in the USSR. I even have a special googled, but Wikipedia claims that the film was filmed in the national parks of Canyon de Shelley and Glen Canyon. Although it seems to me some scenes were filmed in Mesa Verde, which you wrote about in the next article.

You can question: With what parameters falling stars?

I remember this film I was very impressed. Here is truly wild west. I fully admit that there are scenes and from Glen Canyon, but in Qiacone de Shelley were not.

About housing – gives me, they can be found a lot where. We somehow spent a few nights in a nameless campsite near the park Capitol Reef, so there I also found such a dwelling when I went to collect firewood. A small completely, but very similar to what was seen in Mesa Verde.

Stars in the photo are not particularly falling, rather rotating. Exposure of about 10 minutes – left the camera and went dinner to cook;) There, on the left, just the moon went.

Monument valley - red on blue or place where Westerns are removed Part 3

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