Monument valley – red on blue or place where Westerns are removed. Part 2

Automobile – The most convenient way to move on states. You will need a navigator or at least the state map. Variants of hitting the monument valley set, it all depends on what is the initial point. Mostly here come after visiting Page, Glen Canyon and Antelope Canyon. Close to the park – US 163.

You can rent a car in advance on the Pricaine website (Some of the best offers). Other options can be searched here.

By plane

Alternatively, you can fly by plane to the nearest convenient point and from there to proceed to the monument valley again on a rented car. Nearest airports:

  • Page Municipal Airport in Panjej (928-645-4337)
  • Grand Canyon National Park Airport (WWW.Grandcanyonairport.NET)
  • Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix (WWW.PhXSkyharbor.COM)
  • McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas (WWW.McCarran.COM)
  • Blanding Municipal Airport, Located in Blanding 120 km from Monument Valley (435-678-3222)
  • Bluff Airport 75 km from Park (435-587-3225)
  • Monticello Airport in Montisello, 160 km from Monument Valley (435-587-2271)

On shuttle, taxi

LE BUS provides such services, however, its representation is located in Salt Lake City. Another option – Lewis Stages. All details on sites. You may be reached by bus from Page.

On public transport

On such to the valley of the monuments will not be able to get, because it is not.

Seasons, weather

In the summer during the day in the valley of the monuments, the temperature on average reaches + 30-35 degrees, while at night it is possible a significant cooling to + 14-17 degrees. In winter, there are frosts in the park and strong snowfall are possible. The temperature is lowered on average to -5 degrees.

Who is interested, can familiarize themselves with the monthly temperature table, however, the numbers need to translate from Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius.

Sights of the Monument Valley

Valley of Monuments – one of the places with which Andrews have been having faced more than others. I was not less wanted to visit. Who does not know about this red valley and does not dream to see her, being in the States? After all, Monument Valley – one of the symbols of the United States and it was here that was removed not one western about the cowboys. A very tempting park, is not true?

At the entrance

Monument valley - red on blue or place where Westerns are removed. Part 2

Valley can be seen from afar. Already at the entrance the joyful cry leaves: «She is she, she!» And in the field of view, red rocks-giants pop up.

Valley of Monuments – This is the territory of Indians Navajo. They live in their laws and in their rhythm, but the chance to prove on tourists are not missing, as representatives of other nationalities. On their lands you will meet a lot of souvenir tents, in which you can buy something from local jewelry or other little things, many of which are very similar to Chinese products.

Picturesque road (SCENICE DRIVE)

The surest way to get acquainted with the monument valley – Ride by car on a picturesque road or Scenic Drive. This road passes between the rocks-remains from red sandstone, which turned out to be more resistant to winds, which surrounded their soft rocks. As you can see, the wind has tried again, creating fancy figures that attract crowds of tourists now.

Sannik Drive – It is 27 kilometers of dirt road that originates from the parking lot next to The View Hotel. Keep in mind that in rainy weather the road can be blurred. On the passenger car, ride it is not too comfortable, especially at the beginning, where you have to overcome a cool descent, and there is often unpleasant pits.

To overcome this path, it is recommended to lay at least 2 hours (we rolled 4 hours).

Along the road there are parking and pockets on which you can leave the car with the aim of making photosholes, see the souvenirs of the Indians or just to warm up.

Total on the scheme along Scenic Drive marked eleven points to which it is worth paying attention to first:

Here are some of them in a more visual version:


This is part of the valley into which you can get only accompanied by a guide and for a fee, respectively. Route around Thunderbird Mesa, Sleeping Dragon cliffs and several other. We were not there, so we cannot share the impressions.

Trail «Wild cat» (Wildcat Trail)

There are in the valley of monuments, among other things, the opportunity to go to an independent hiking campaign. The choice of paths is far from spike, to be more accurate, then it is only one. Called Wildcat Trail.

Description: In my opinion, not too exciting trail, since the goal is to get around West Mitten Butte (on the map is point 1). We did not go.
Starting point: Start Scenic Drive.
Length: 3.2 miles / 5.1 km (Ring Trail).
Estimated time hike: 1.5-2 hours.

Going on a hike, do not forget to read the tips and recommendations.

Hogan Village (Hogan Village)

Thirsty Exotics can look into Hogan-Villeget and look at the traditional dwellings of the Navajo Indian. Residents are represented by two species – Women’s (Round) and Male (conical). They are made from natural materials (bark, cedar, sand and water). These dwellings are still used for ceremonies and elderly residents.

By the way, in the summer they can be hidden from the heat – inside much cooler than outside.

Organized tours and excursions

In addition to watching the park on their own, it is possible to order an excursion. Within the monument valley there are many offers:

Monument valley - red on blue or place where Westerns are removed. Part 2

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