Monument to Sultan Allaadin Keykubatu

In the west of Alanya from the airport of tourists «Meets» Monument to the conqueror – Sultan Allaadin Caykubatu. Sultan ruled Seljuki in the XIII in. Keykubata biography extensive. At first, he roldied with his brother by Sultan Kaikavus for the throne, but he turned out to be stronger and Caykubat was thrown into the dungeon of the Castle Guser, and only after the death of the elder brother achieved freedom and subsequently took the liberated throne. Alladin was very lucky and far-sighted. He saw that he took place outside of the owners of Seljuk, so he strengthened the borders, removing new fortresses or the extension of the old walls of the citadel. Having a combat-ready army, Caykubat did not begged to beat the fortress from the neighbors. Sultan also actively rebuilt ports. So the fortress of Alanya on the high shore of the peninsula was erected, and the famous Red Tower.

Monument to Sultana Allaadin Keykubatu Sights of Alanya Travel Guide

The monument to Keikubatu is a riding Sultan sitting on horseback, which gives the order of the army to go to the attack on the enemy. And the fact that the monument is not in the center of Alanya, but at the entrance to the city – This is a local resident seems symbolic: Caykubat meets important and not very important guests and welcomes them first, which once again talks about his continuing authority and greatness.

Monument to Sultana Allaadin Keykubatu Sights of Alanya Travel Guide

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