Monument Mozart

Vienna blizzards, in Burggarten, on the territory of the former imperial garden, a monument to the outstanding composer rushes in the middle of the Vienna – Mozart.

We do not know the coincidence or not, but in both the pedestal and genius, there was a very hard life and fate. Almost 100 years of power could not determine what time place the statue. As a result, the monument was erected at the very end of the 19th century. The project of the future attraction was developed in. Tilgner. The history of the architect is also not simple. At first, all projects were rejected by the Commission. Then it was chosen. Helllmer, but the Committee, in the end, stopped his gaze on Tilgner, who hesitated himself in the jury. In this regard, there was a lot of woven and suspicion. Initially, the monument was standing on one of the urban areas, but soon it was decided to transfer it to the garden. The architecture of the monument is quite complex, elegant and unique. Mozart himself relies on the score, vineyards bloom around it and the guardian angels flute. On the Pedestal itself you can see various opera scenes or scenes from his family life. The main material was marble, and the main style was the pompous baroque.

Monument to Mozart Attractions Vienna Travel Guide

During World War II, the monument has suffered a lot, and he had to restore.

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