Monument to Kotu Kazansky

Today we will talk about one of the most popular sculptures of Kazan. This architectural landmark will have to do all tourists without exception. Transfer the beauty and sophistication of the statuette "in two words" will not work. Therefore, now we will talk in detail about it.

This legendary sculpture is called Kazan Cat. This is a famous character of various plot lines:

Cat shown on the ancient chest

From the 17th to the 19th century throughout the territory of the our Federation, walked, in which vintage Lubki. That way, we managed to find out at this modern time, fascinating information about these Tatarstan fluffy pets. In the first case, the most popular and sought-after images were cats drawn by close-up. The second Lubcom was a comic consisting of all sorts of pictures that complemented texts in humorous form.

Wonderful salvation of John Grozny

Perhaps feline silhouettes that were displayed on the rods treated directly to the city siege by the detachments of the Great Emperor. Legend says that the Mari kark was given a decree to start digging the underground stroke. The purpose of this was the seizure of the ruler, and the passing of him with ours with political. But Cat Khana He began to plow loudly, as a result of which his owner involuntarily woke up, after which he soon announced this entire family, gathered things and left the place. Thanks to which everything went out, and he stayed alive.

Cats guard the treasures of the capital

Monument to Kotu Kazansky

In the distant 14th century, the case was as follows. Some servant of the sovereign Elizabeth decided to share the secret, that Kazan cats "specialize", so let’s say on fishing mice. As a result, the Empress ordered about 30 of the largest and fluffy cats. These pets actually coped with the task, and were rewarded with delicacies from elite varieties of meat.

Catherine Great decided to continue to engage in these cats, thanks to which they were already perceived almost as the protection of the Winter Palace. But the Empress knew that cats could break the canvas, and did not particularly love how they were tormented

Location of sightseeing

Earlier, in the old years, between the streets of Jalil and Bauman, the architectural sculpture established. Constructed this Kazan masterpiece profile specialist – Bashmakov Igor.

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