Monument of Great Love – Taj Mahal

The closer we approached the target, the more our atul guide was worried, telling an amazing story about creating one of the seven wonders of the world, the most beautiful building of India.

22 years (1630-1652) more than twenty thousand people, including the best architects of India, Persia, Turkey, Venice and Samarkand, built this air-lacy marble monument to the love of the Muslim king Mughal Shah-Jahan ("Lord of the world") To my wife, Arjumand Bano Bemum, who received the name of Mumtaz Mahal during the coronation, which means "Choosing Choir".

They got married when she was 19 years old. He loved only the young Mumtaz and did not notice other women. She gave birth to her lord of 14 children and died, burning the last child.

The emperor killed by grief announced a two-year-old trarawe in the country and soon decided to build in the then capital of Agra at the burial site of Mumtaz Mausoleum, symbolizing the fabulous beauty of the beloved woman ..

Beauty will save the world

I think I did not seem, and in this place of the narrative at the eyelashes Atula really flashed a tear. "Is it really so penetrating so, telling this story?" – I thought and, catching a special intonation, with which Atul pronounced the name Mumtaz, realized that it was so. Indeed, a stunning story, but where the Taj Mahal himself?

Well, of course, you still need to defend the long-term queue and in front of the entrance to the territory to check the check: a woman in the form first spends on the body with a metal detector, then feels his hands and looks into the bag. Everything can go. But you still need to wait for men – they stand in a separate queue, which is much longer than our.

It remains to go through the caravansery building, in the arched openness of which, finally, overlooking the majestic, shining in the rays of the midday sun Taj Mahal.

Of course, I have seen his photos many times. But none of them can transmit that feeling that arises in place. I suddenly remembered the statement of beauty, which can save the world – in this and really something.

It’s hard to say, whether the penetrated story of Atula made such an impression, whether true beauty really makes tremble … Only everything that happened to seem to some sacrament – how close to the snow-white mausoleum serenely rolls his waves of the Yamuna River, like removing shoes, we barefoot We go to hot mramrah, as we find yourself in the dusk tomb ..

There, Atul recalled us aside and, sparkling in the twilight with white teeth, in a whisper, as if afraid to break the peace of the past princesses, began to talk about how elegant carving was created, openwork marble lattices and Arabic lines on vaulted transitions.

And four more elegant minarets around the mausoleum, two mosque-built from red sandstone and, of course, a magnificent park – a total area of ​​18 hectares – with lakes, fountains and channels framed by slender cypresses.

On the opposite shore, Jamuna Shah-Jahan wanted to build a tomb and for himself – the same, but from black marble. However, the country was ruined due to unprecedented costs that needed to build the Taj Mahal.

Once mighty ruler lost power and spent the rest of his life in imprisonment. From the little window, he could only see the beauty of his love. After death, he was buried next to Mumtaz.

Monument of Great Love - Taj Mahal

Who is the creator?

Based on some studies, it can be assumed that the main creator of Taj Mahal was Shah Jahan himself, who was fond of architecture. But there is another version. Also called the name of the statue of Ahmad Lahore.

Long time Taj Mahal was the highest building of India, its height together with the main dome is 74 meters.

Unfortunately, this recognized masterpiece of world architecture gradually takes a decline – no doors of silver, a parapet of gold, covered with pearls of fabric on the tomb of beautiful mumtaz. Scientists believe that the towers of minarets were dangerous and could fall.

And yet, this miracle has existed for 355 years.

Taj Mahal

Located in Agra, the ancient capital of the Empire of the Great Mughal, Central India.
Mamtaz Mausoleum, Spouses Emperor Great Mogolov Shah-Jahan.
"Taj Mahal" – This is the name of the Mumtaz Mahal, which means "Choosing Choir".
Construction time 1630-1652.
5-dome building with a height of 74 m, 2 mosques, 4 minarets, garden with fountains and swimming pool.
UNESCO has been submitted to the World Heritage List of Humanity.

Monument of Great Love - Taj Mahal

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