Montparnas Tower – One of the few skyscrapers in Paris. Its height of more than two hundred meters. The relaxation feature is that the windows are available in rooms located along the outer walls. Numerous cafes, shops are located in the building. Cold Tower Spacious sightseeing. Only with it can be viewed on the notorious Eiffel Tower from the height

I must say that the attitude towards the skyscraper of Parisian controversial. Immediately after its construction in 1972. The law prohibiting high-altitude buildings in the city center. Therefore, this tower is often headed by the list of the most ugly buildings. And the inhabitants of the French capital joke that it opens the wonderful panorama of Paris, because the tower itself is not visible.

Montparnasse Attractions of Paris Travel Guide

It should be noted that the same dislike at one time was demonstrated by Parisians and in relation to the Eiffel Tower, which is now considered a symbol of this city. By the way, Montparnas Tower is known for its elevators who need less than a minute to get to the roof. And all the elevators have twenty-five.

By the way, the building goes under the ground for seventy meters. The fact is that underground there is a monparnas epiced station, which was removed there during the construction of a skyscraper.

Montparnasse Attractions of Paris Travel Guide

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