Montor’s Castle

Monsfor Castle Ruins «Mountain fortress are a popular tourist destination. Here you can get acquainted directly with the historical heritage of the Crusaders, as well as enjoy unique species of nature and one of the most beautiful streams in Galilee. The castle is located inside the Valley of the Cziv Creek, in the upper Galilee, and is available for hiking. To the Crusaders, the Roman fortress was standing on the site of the castle. As usual, Monsfor builders used stones from the Roman fort when building a castle. Excavations held here in 1926 made it possible to find Roman coins and ceramics.New excavations, led by Professor Adrian Boash, are held here since 2011.

Montor Castle Sightseeing Haifa Travel Guide

The territory around the fortress is covered with dense shrubs. In the center of this zone, between the stream and the valley, the ridge is towering on which the Monor’s castle stands. Initially (in the XII century) it was just a base of the Crusaders, which then further strengthened and even gave the original name – «New royal castle» (Casatellum NOUWN REGIS). It was not a typical castle that defended the pilgrims or borders because he was in a remote place. However, thanks to its powerful double walls, the castle successfully resisted against the initial attacks of Mamlukov, although, in the end, and fell in 1271. and since then is in ruins.

Montor Castle Sightseeing Haifa Travel Guide

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