Montmartre is perhaps the most «Parisian» from all Parisians. This is the highest point of the French capital. To climb a hundred thirty meter hill you need to ride on the funicular or overcome the lift on the stairs.

Today, this area is as popular as a hundred years ago. And not so long ago a film about Amelie made it even more attractive for tourists from all over the world. From the top of the hill there is a wonderful panorama of Paris. It is said that in clear days, visibility with it reaches fifty kilometers in a circle.

One of the attractions of this area – Famous Basilica Sacre-Ker, very majestic building with beautiful stained glass windows. In addition, it is on Montmartre such signs «Raisins» French capital, like Pigal Square, Cabaret «Moulin rouge» and an old cemetery, where many great people of the past are buried.

Montmartre Sights of Paris Travel Guide

Another feature of this area – The most, perhaps, the famous flea market that loves tourists the opportunity to make the most unexpected purchases. By the way, it is customary to bargain, with the result that you can very much cheap to buy vintage ornaments or an old statuette.

Every year, in the second Saturday of October, a celebration of young wine is held here. It is worth getting to Montmartre at this time, there will be dancing, fireworks, fair trading.

Montmartre Sights of Paris Travel Guide

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