Montmartre – District, Hill and Street of Artists in Paris

Montmartre – the highest hill of Paris, the name of the 18th Municipal District. He has a reputation for bohemian and relaxed area of ​​the capital of France. Tourists attract world famous sights of the district.

Basilica Sacre Cour – a symbol of Paris – is located on the top of the hill. The Roman-Vizantine style of the structure amazes with color stained glass windows, monumental mosaic, bell "Savoyard" in 19 tons. Here in Kripte there is a statue of the Savior of mankind known to the world with a blazing heart.

The hill decorated two more temples: Saint-Pierre and Saint-Jean-de-Montmartre.

See the famous cannan can be in "Moulin rouge", famous cabaret.

Montmartre flooded artists-portraitists, graphics and cartoonists.

In the heart of Montmartre, on the TERTR Square (the French call it the painters of artists) you can buy pictures of famous, and not very, French painters. Square became the center of the art elite of Paris.

Walking around Emil-Hood Square, you will see the house in which the model, Picasso, Jacob, Marriage, Salmon lived. It is called Bato Lavar. Their form building resembles a floating barge for laundry laundry, so and is named translated from French like "Laundry ship". The facade of the building decorate photos of famous painters. Inside the house artists equipped workshops.

Fans of Creativity El Salvador Dali will have the opportunity to visit the artist’s Museum. It is located in the center of "Marsa Mountain". On a thousand square meters "live" works of Spanish eccentric: 330 paintings, sculptures, engraving, illustrations for works.

Sad, but the famous monument of the architecture of Montmartre – Cemetery. It has more than 20 thousand graves. Tombstones of famous personalities are architectural masterpieces. Here they found our last refuge of Berlioz, and.Duma-Son, Standal, P. Viardo, J. Offenbach, Edgar Degas, Dalida, in. Nizhinsky and many others. The creator of St. Petersburg Cathedral, Alexandrian Pillar in St. Petersburg Henri Louis Auguste Ricar de Moferrara also rests on this cemetery. Pay attention to the signs of Masons on his tombstone. Here is buried and dancer huma, foundation of Kankana.

In the city of lovers can not not be the sights dedicated to love. Wall of love on Montmartre artists f.Baron and K. Quito stores the inscription: "I love you" in two hundred lists of the world.

On the streets of Montmartre, you can meet Isabelle Deffraua (ZAZ), popular in our time, the singer, which is compared with Edith Piaf. Since she earned his first fee here, it often sings on the square, giving people a good mood.

Montmartre boasts the largest in Europe "flea" the market of Saint-Ouen, in which there is all.

If you were in Paris, and did not visit Montmartre, it means that in vain came to the capital of France.

Road in the heart of Paris (how to get there)

If you are resting at sea resorts, it will be easy to get to Paris, you just need to choose a vehicle: plane, train or car.

In the capital, Montmartre is best to go on the subway. Choosing a line 2, go out at the station Anvers. Then rise at 237 steps up the stairs, or overcome this distance on the funicular.

Montmartrain tourist train. He leaves from the metro station Jules Joffrin.

We offer another option: Go out at the Abbesses metro station (12 line) and climb up on foot, admiring the Paris streets.

The more, the cheaper (prices for excursions and transport)

Individual excursion to Montmartre will cost about 120 euros. As part of a small group, it will cost 25 euros per person.

Choosing a tourist train, costs will be such: an adult ticket – 5.5 euros, children’s (4-11 years old) – 2 euros cheaper. Having bought a ticket, you can ride on the Montmartrobus tourist bus on the hill itself. And the bus stops near meaning places.

Metro and bus tickets are equally: an adult – 1.4 euros, children’s – 0.7 euros. Take note that by buying 10 tickets, save 15%.

For convenience, tourist map Paris Visite. It has different options that include a different number of zones and days (up to 5 days and zones). It costs up to 56 euros. Her owner is moving free of charge on any type of transport.

Sacre Cathedral Cathedral also has a free entrance, but visiting crypts and dome costs 5 euros.

A ticket to Montmartra Museum is divided into age categories. Students from 18 to 25 years will pay 7.50 euros for the entrance, children from 10 to 17 years old – 5.5 euros, up to 10 years old entrance. All the rest are less fortunate: for them, the ticket will cost 9.5 euros.

The cost of entry in the cabaret and other entertainment institutions takes up from 25 euros.

When Montmartre meets guests (opening hours)

In the temple of Saint-Pierre de Martar doors are open every day, even on holidays. You can visit it from 9:30 to 19:00 for free.

Basilica Sacre-Ker works from 6 am to half of the eleventh night.

Museum of Montmartre works all days, except Monday from 10 days to 6 pm (September-April), for one hour longer than from May to August.

Museum of Salvador Dali takes tourists from 10 to 18 hours. The entrance will cost adults at 10 euros, students under 26 years old – 6 euros, pensioners for 60 years – 7 euros, children under 8 years old – 2 euros. Visit the group will cost adults 6 euros, schoolchildren – 5 euros.

How much time is need for art

For a tour of Montmarter, you will need at least 2 hours. Even if you dedicate this place all day, you will not have enough time, there will still be places where I would like to get.

You can only climb the stairs to the temple only, and for contemplating paintings, sculptures, architectural solutions of Montmartre must be stopped to comprehend, understand the writer of the author, his thoughts and ideas.

Nice past and present Montmartre (a little history)

Montmartre is the most famous landmark of Paris. This is a 130-meter hill in the north of the capital of France. Multiple assumptions about the origin of the word "Montmartre". According to one version, the name dates back from Lat. MONS Martis – Mars Hill. Another explanation binds the origin of the word with a later MRS Martyrium – the Martyr Hill Dionysius Paris.

The history of the buildings of temples on a hill dates back to Gallo-Roman times. Then the first two temples – Mars and Mercury were erected. This area, covered with villas and temples, was the richest in the district, since the plaster deposits were found in it. Quarry for its prey later become the refuge of the first Christians.

About 272 years old on the hill were executed by the first Christian Bishop of Paris Saint Dionysius, Deacon Elvferai, Presbyter Rustic.

Believers from all over the world in Midmartre. From the 12th century, the Cathedral of Saint-Pierre de Martar, built by the Order. Benedict. He is rightfully considered the oldest sacred place of Paris. Louis VI erected on the site of the temple of Mars Cathedral. The church is consecrated in 1147 in the Easter week. In the 16th century (August 15, 1534) Ignatius de Loyola found the Order of Jesuits on Montmartre. Wind mills start to construct.

XIX century brought events that influenced the further history of Montmartre. Army of General Langeron captured Montmartra heights. March 20, 1814 France commander raised the White Flag. In the capital, the next day enter the allies of liberation wars.

City Planner, Prefect Department of the Seine (1853-1870), Senator (1857 g), Member of the Academy of Fine Arts, Baron Osman blocked Paris Streets, making more accessible promotion to the sights of the capital.

In 1859 on June 6, the district becomes part of the capital of France. After the Franco-Penglish War (1871), the Paris Commune is born in Montmartre. The National Assembly of France after the cruel execution of members of the Commune decided to build a cathedral on the hill in memory of this event. In 1874, the Basilica Sacre-Kor is erected, which has become one of the symbols of Paris.

Montmartre district has always attracted creative personalities by low prices. Related Art People could not afford to settle in the center of the capital. Here, at one time, we found the welter Van Gogh, Renoir, Apolliner, Toulouse-Lotrek, Picasso, Modigliani, and DR. Metropolitan Boemy gathered in favorite bars, cabaret. Famous establishments: "Black cat", "Moulin rouge", "Fast rabbit", Always opened for extraordinary, creative French and guests of the capital.

After World War I, Bohemia "Replaced" In the Monparnas quarter, in which contemporary painting originates. Between Pigal and White Square Square at the foot of the Hill occurs a quarter of the Red Lanterns.

Montmartre - District, Hill and Street of Artists in Paris

Artist Pulbo Together with friends in 1932, grape vines plant in the urban feature. 27 grape varieties are located on 1, 5 thousand. m2. The harvest is collected directly near the houses, and there are wine.

On Montmartra there is all.

In its popularity he is not inferior to nor Louvra nor the Eiffel Tower.

Do not miss during a walk to the world of art (what to watch)

The Cathedral of St. Peter will affect not only many frescoes of large sizes, but also by rare cultic objects of worship presented in the Museum of the Church.

To admire the panorama of the beauty of Paris, look at the survey site of the basilica Sacre Cor. Guests of the city there are always a lot. Entertain their street artists and juggles.

The history of the district is set out in the expositions of the Museum of Old Montmartre, located on the street Court. The museum is located in the old mansion of the 17th century and has been working since 1960 through painting society "Old Montmartre".

A visit to the cabaret will help to plunge into the atmosphere of creative Paris "Lapin Azhil" ("Fast rabbit"). Former tavern presents concert, humorous programs with reading poems, prose, performing songs.

The center of fun can be called Klich’s Boulevard, one of the oldest boulevards of the capital. Luxury bars, sex shops, strip clubs located on clyshi, are famous far beyond Paris. But the monument to Marshal Monceau on the square speaks about the historical value of this place. Here collided in 1814 the Army of the French and ours. Popularity Boulevard added and accommodation in this area Picasso, Van Gogh, Toulouse Lotter.

Fans of spicy things waiting for the Erotic Museum, Outdoor On Clichi Boulevard in 1997. You can pamper yourself with erotic innovations of recent years, or just learn about their existence. By the way, the Museum of Erotica is open and in Square Pigal.

Do not pass by sculpture "Passing through the wall", dedicated to the writer Marseil Eme. The author became a friend of the writer, the actor Jean Mare. Fuck your hand to the writer, make a desire, and it will be (if you believe in miracles).

Another sculpture is connected with the execution of desires, but already in the love sphere. On the square of Dalida there is a monument to the famous singer. Pay attention to her chest: it is characterized by color from the whole bust. Tourists touches her bust in the hope of fulfilling love dreams.

In general, on the streets of Montmartre every house has its own story. Walk around the area will open the door to the huge world of French art.

Be careful in the world of Montmartre (Tips for tourists)

Several of our Soviets will help you not to spray in a stunning atmosphere and attractions of this area of ​​Paris.

– If you decide to visit the Montmartra cemetery, start with the light time of the day and do not forget to take the burial plan from the caretaker. Famous graves a lot, and the burials even more. Do not lose in this quiet and unreleased place.

– Want to get to the holiday of new wine, come in Paris in the first Saturday of October.

– Tickets for dinner and show in "Moulin rouge" Purchase in advance. Hunters look at the real Cankan a lot at any time of the year.

– In the travel bureau on Montmartre immediately buy a map, it contains the necessary information about the area of ​​Paris and will help you lose. Card can be downloaded on the website of travel companies.

– In the temples it is forbidden to photograph, but on the territory of the cathedrals can make memorable pictures.

– By the way, it is impossible to shoot in the Salvador Museum Dali.

– Be vigilant with your own things, an ungalled area in terms of crime. Fraudsters and thieves here feel like fish in water. In the evening we do not advise walking alone, collect a company for night entertainment.

We arrived in Montmartre – Enjoy, come into contact with the art of France, absorb the atmosphere of bohemian life, the spirit of rampant and fun!

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